Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (URS) - 6th Edition
Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (URS) - 6th Edition

IEREK Conference

  • 01, Jul / 03, Jul 2025
  • In collaboration with Barleti University, Albania
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The vast majority of the human population lives in cities, and it is expected that in the coming years, more and more people will have moved into cities from rural areas. It is evident, then, that if current trends continue expectedly, effective Urban Planning that prioritizes the sustainability of cities, and the health of their inhabitants is necessary.

The continued acceleration of population density within cities is at the epicenter of a multitude of problems that affect people on a local, and global scale. These problems are illustrated most visibly in developing countries, where population growth is on the rise. Locally, inhabitants of cities that suffer from dense urbanization face harsh difficulties such as traffic congestion, a rise in crime rate, air & noise pollution, lack of affordable housing, and irregular resource & energy delivery.

The list of complications continues on a global scale, where within these cities, automobile reliance for transportation is all too common. Automobile reliance leads to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn lead to climate change & global warming. Moreover, often times countries opt for the “easy” way out of densely populated cities by just creating more and more motorways and highways, further complicating the problem as the city essentially becomes a vast stretch of grim tarmac.

Urban Regeneration aims to tackle these problems, from a sustainable approach, that ensures the safety of our environment, and the health of people living within urban areas. The concept takes on green strategies that focus on enhancing the lives of people and creating livable communities for all. Utilizing strategies that promote the inclusion of greenery and natural landscapes, and shifting away from automobile reliance into a more inclusive approach to transportation, urban regeneration proposes a multitude of new urbanism models that aim to improve cities’ livability and sustainability.

We at IEREK are proud to announce the 6th edition of the “Urban Regeneration and Sustainability (URS)” conference, where scholars, researchers, and academics from around the globe will gather to solve one of the world’s most pressing issues to date. Join us, and have the chance for your paper to be published in the Scopus-indexed ASTI book series.

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