About Us


IEREK – International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange – is an international institution that is concerned with the exchange of knowledge and enhancing research internationally through organizing and managing conferences in various fields of knowledge and stud.

IEREK continues its well-renowned academic activities with worldwide universities, and cooperating with researchers and scientific experts, as is evident in its scientific committee. With that said, IEREK is expanding not only to operate in one place but all around the world. In doing so, and to facilitate agreements with academic bodies, the organization of international relations, and the promotion of the organization’s business endeavors, IEREK has partners in different market, those present services and manages part of the workload and services such as marketing, publishing, and provisioning aid and support to the company as a whole.

Moreover, IEREK  offers workshops and conferences in various disciplines for all professionals. These professional events are unique in the practical way they are delivered and in the certified professionals who teach them.

Our institution continues its activities by organizing and coordinating scientific programs to spread knowledge and develop skills on all local and international levels through its headquarters, representative offices, and partners throughout the world. We also process the work for online publishing throughout our international journals and the IEREK Press Electronic Library.

IEREK’s activities are not only confined to these majors but also include cultural, social, and recreational aspects that we aim to make available in all the events IEREK sponsors, standing by its belief that we all live in one connected world.

IEREK has created its own set of terms & conditions which an individual must read and agree to abide by to use our services. Thus, the use of this website constitutes having read and accepted that set of rules.

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Our Vision

The main goal that IEREK seeks is to become professional at widely spreading science and exchanging knowledge and culture among nations.

This has become a necessity for developing and facing the struggles of life. In order for IEREK to be a pioneer in this field, the institution is keen on sharing its success through protocols of collaboration with universities, corporations, and scientific organizations all over the globe.

Our Mission

We are keen to create opportunities to deliver knowledge in diversified fields, which is a necessity for students, professionals, and researchers everywhere. We also foster cultural exchange, which is the way to develop and evaluate our society and keep up with our world’s progress.

This could be achieved by spreading knowledge through different activities:
  - Conferences
  - Workshops
  - Educational Services
  - Publishing Services
  - Study Abroad Programs

According to our concern in spreading knowledge, we offer theoretical knowledge in all fields of science as well as the practical applications that help in implementing this science and translating it into reality. This process can achieve the aim of transforming knowledge to be applicable in our life.


We have a highly-qualified scientific committee that supervises and review participants’ work presented at our conferences. They are outstanding university professors who are dedicated to research.

Our Headquarters

IEREK’s headquarters is located in Alexandria, Egypt, and has been since its establishment in late 2013.