IEREK’s Additional Services

Alongside its activities, IEREK offers a range of high-quality services to suit your needs. These services, outlined below, are independent of your participation/ contribution to other IEREK activities and/or services such as conferences, publishing platforms etc.

English Editing Services
IEREK Editors provide English Editing and Proofreading Services. Our Editors can determine the type of services required for the work submitted. Through this service, we guarantee grammatical correctness, accuracy of terminology, structural and grammatical consistency, clarity of meaning, systematic structural improvements and structural and lexical accuracy. A quotation may be provided upon request.
Price Editing: 0.065$ /word
Price Proofreading: 0.05$ /word
Peer Review Services
An integral component to academic publishing, IEREK’s trained publishing editors can conduct a title’s/ book’s peer review process from start to finish. You will only be required to provide Editors and submitted chapters or contributions. Our peer review process aligns with Springer’s guidelines, that of the ASTI series as well as high quality indexation databases’ requirements. More information on the peer review process to be conducted may be provided upon request.
Price :€ 3,000
Book Proposal Adjustment
IEREK’s publishing editors, with the help of its Scientific Committee and network of experts, can help structure book projects that are newly conceived. With this service, you can produce an effective proposal for submission to potential publishers with the following elements: Preliminary Table of Contents (ToC), SEO metadata, Book Back Cover Text (BCC), Introduction etc.
Price: € 1,500
Graphic Design

Our production department can help bring your vision to life through providing designs for: Flyers, Posters, Name Tags, Brochures, Roll up stands, website design, logos and more. For a quotation on the required material, contact our production department. Alternatively, you can request a quotation for a complete corporate identity.
Price: € 2,000

iThenticate Plagiarism Check
Generates a report that highlights any instances of text duplication and plagiarism. Guidance on what modifications are needed can be provided. A quotation can be provided upon request.
Price: 0.015$ /word
Professional Translation
The ASTI editorial team will perform, supervise, and manage the translation process of submitted papers and documents. Native speakers will conduct the process to guarantee a high-quality, accurate, and informative translation.
Translation prices vary:
In the case of short documents 4-6 pages, it is calculated by word (0.5 $).
In the case of longer documents 7-15 pages, it is calculated by page (prices start from 155$ per page).
Prices are liable to changes based on the research field.