Why Attend a Conference on Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts?


Egypt is filled with examples on cities’ identity as most Egyptian cities have their special character and can be perceived by people in different ways, therefore Cairo is the perfect place to hold the Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts (CITAA) conference.

The identity of cities develops over the years and is shaped with the events and changes that the cities face, it differs as well with the changes that criticizes go through from economic booming to recessions, social and cultural changes, even the language changes can affect city identity.

Therefore, it’s a great opportunity to attend and understand the interesting transformation in cities over time, you can attend as an audience especially if you are interested in history, architecture, arts in cities or all of them.

And the good news for those who would like to attend as authors is that the abstract submission deadline is extended until November, 15 2016; So there is still time to write and submit your paper in that interesting field.

Moreover, the papers discussed in the conference will be published by CRC Press / Balkema of Taylor and Francis Group, which can be added to the certificates of experience and can be presented to the official authorities concerned.

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