The Launch of iDirect

The Launch of iDirect


Writing an academic paper is a passion that requires a fast-faced and cooperative place to assist researchers delivering their work to the world. Presenting up to date ideas and methods in an organized and crafted manner introduces researchers to a sense of individuality. Whereas writing is a form of promoting and highlighting newfound knowledge to the world. It’s a form of expressing that brings the world together through crafting a well-constructed paper with a focused argument.

Thus, IEREK offers a new way to help motivated and passionate researchers to unleash their creative mind through presenting iDirect to the publishing world. iDirect is a new and speedy platform that accepts direct submission of papers across various fields to facilitate the writing and publishing process. The iDirect team is currently working to publish a well-constructed profound academic papers that presents ideas showcasing unique methods and conclusion to the world. Our editors are responsible for assisting authors in successfully writing high-quality research papers. They also work to filter and sort chapters, ultimately structuring edited books and volumes.

After submissions and initial decisions are taken, iDirect would prepare the approved papers for publication. An online discussion session would take place near the end of each month where authors are to join the online discussion to present their research to the book’s editors for further research evaluation.

Research papers should be at least 4 pages in length and submitted once in full, with an included abstract. They should be written ethically, with a coherent structure that clearly depicts the aim, idea, and scope of the research, and ultimately, presents a valuable outcome.

iDirect will accept full research papers in various fields under any of IEREK’s three book series established in collaboration with Springer. Submitted papers can fall under countless interdisciplinary fields including Environmental Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health, Nutrition and Medical Sciences, and finally, Engineering, Technology and Innovation.

Two of the offered book series are Scopus-indexed and are entitled Advances in Science, Technology and Innovation (ASTI), Sustainable Civil Infrastructures (SUCI), and our third book series entitled Sustainable Landscape Planning and Natural Resources Management (SLNR) is also open for direct submissions.

Publish your research papers directly with Springer, a renowned publisher, and see your work presented online, swiftly. Once you submit your paper, the following timeline would apply:

  • You will receive an initial decision and performance invoice within 2 weeks.
  • If your submission is initially accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter within 6 days of payment.
  • An oral online discussion will take place within roughly 4 weeks in the form of a session similar to that of conference discussion sessions.
  • After oral discussions, each author will receive a certificate of attendance as part of the revision process, which will then allow them to proceed onto the peer review process.
  • Once your paper receives a final acceptance letter, your paper will be published within 3 months.
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