IEREK’s CrossMED Conference: A New Era of Sustainable Future

IEREK’s CrossMED Conference: A New Era of Sustainable Future


A new era of sustainable development on IEREK’s journey of international conferences pipeline on the architecture landscape and resource management across the Mediterranean – CrossMED.

The 1st edition of the CrossMED Conference will explore multidisciplinary considerations in landscape, infrastructure, architecture, and resource management, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region while connecting with scholars, experts, and academics and having the chance to publish your research paper by Scopus-indexed ASTI book series by Springer.

The critical role of the conference is the focus on promoting sustainable development, which involves designing outdoor spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and environmentally responsible and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources.

To foster innovation and new thinking in these fields, the CrossMED conference will offer a platform for experts to discuss new ideas, and share their knowledge and research paper to advance the field of landscape architecture, resource management, and sustainable development, providing meaningful contributions to understand this important issue.

The conference seeks to explore the relationship between these two fields and their role in creating healthy and resilient communities by discussing many topics as follows;

  1. Sustainable Landscape Planning and Natural Resources Management
  2. Geosciences as Tools for Natural Resource Management
  3. Modern Techniques in Landscape Architectural Development
  4. Integration of Green Landscapes in Urban Areas
  5. Sustainable Construction Practices
  6. Human Health and the Environment
  7. Mediterranean Landscapes and Environments
  8. Architectural Vocabularies of the Mediterranean Landscape

Join us on CrossMED conference while we seek to explore the role of creating healthy and resilient communities by promoting interdisciplinary discussions and collaborations to address the challenges facing the Mediterranean region and beyond.

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