Parallelism in Architecture, Environment And Computing Techniques, (PACT)
Parallelism in Architecture, Environment And Computing Techniques, (PACT)

Conference Overview

  • 12, Sep / 14, Sep 2016
  • London,UK
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The International Conference on Parallelism in Architecture, Environment and Computing Techniques (PACT) was held at the University of East London, UK.  The conference was chaired by Professor Hassan Abdalla (Dean, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, University of East London (UEL)) and Mr. Gilles Retsin (Senior Lecturer School of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering, University of East London (UEL)) and organized by IEREK.

The opening session started with a welcoming word from Prof. John Joughin (Vice Chancellor of UEL), Prof. Hassan Abdalla (Dean, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, UEL) and Mr. Gilles Retsin (Senior Lecturer in MSc Computing and Design, UEL – Gilles Retsin Architecture).

It was shortly followed by a word from Dr. Hocine Bougdah (Reader in Architectural Technology, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK – IEREK Advisor)

Moving on to the conference sessions which were led and moderated by great and reputable professors and professional personnel who were of great help in organizing this conference and its sessions. The sessions were preceded by Speeches from the Keynote Speakers. The topics discussed during the conference are of great interest to the field of integrating computer techniques into architecture, and each session was followed by an Open Discussion, then followed by a keynote speech, and the day was concluded by a Round Table Discussion moderated by key persons in the conference.

The Conference Keynote Speakers were:

  • Professor Patrik Schumacher Director of Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Professor Mario Carpo Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural History and Theory, The Bartlett, UCL
  • Professor Jose Sanchez Assistant Professor at USC & Director of Plethora Project
  • Benjamin Dillenburger Assistant Professor of Architecture, ITA ETH

The sessions and discussions were moderated by:

  • Jose Sanchez Assistant Professor at USC & Director of Plethora Project
  • Gilles Retsin Senior Lecturer in MSc Computing and Design, UEL – Gilles Retsin Architecture
  • Soomeen Hahm Director & Founder of SoomeenHahm Designs
  • Patrik Schumacher Director of Zaha Hadid Architects
  • Daniel Köhler University of Innsbruck iOUD, Lab EDS
  • Kory Bieg Assistant Professor UT Austin, OTA+, ACADIA
  • Mollie Claypool Lecturer, University College of London
  • Hassan Abdalla Dean, School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering, UEL
  • Manuel Jimenez Garcia University College of London, MADM Design
  • Mario Carpo Reyner Banham Professor of Architectural History and Theory, The Bartlett, UCL
  • Benjamin Dillenburger Assistant Professor of Architecture, ITA ETH
  • Manuel Jimenez Garcia University College of London, MADM Design

Conference Topics

A wide range of topics was covered by the conference papers, they were grouped into sections, and the conference topics are as follows;

  • Parallels in Access: Gamification, Open-Source, Interfaces and Virtual Reality
  • Parallels in Algorithms: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Distributed Computing
  • Parallels in Advanced Fabrication: Large Scale Additive Manufacturing
  • Parallels in Big Data: Digital Theory and New Sciences
  • Parallels in Urbanism: Parametric Design, Theory and Urbanism
  • Parallels in Construction: Materiality and Context

A Tour at “The Crystal a Sustainable Cities Initiative by Siemens” concluded the conference.

The Crystal Session And Tour
Conference Topics
  1. 1. Parallels In Access: Gamification, Open-source, Interfaces And Virtual Reality.

    Keynote: Jose Sanchez - The Plethora Project, USC.

    This includes: advanced graphics, computer vision, gamification, open-source, accessibility, virtual and augmented reality, projection mapping, and digital media, and interactivity.

  2. 2. Parallels In Algorithms: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence And Distributed Computing. S

    Keynote: Alisa Andrasek - BioThing, Wonderlab, UCL.

    This includes: distributed computing, agent based methods, machine learning, artificial intelligence, high performance computing, and robotic fabrication.

  3. 3. Parallels In Advanced Fabrication: Large Scale Additive Manufacturing.

    Keynote: Benjamin Dillenburger, ETH

    This includes: additive manufacturing, materiality, robotics, advanced fabrication, generative design, construction automation, and tectonics.

  4. 4. Parallels In Big Data: Digital Theory And New Sciences.

    Keynote: Mario Carpo, UCL.

    This includes: digital theory in architecture, history of architecture and computational design, data-driven computation, big data, and new sciences of simulation and optimization.

  5. 5. Parallels In Urbanism: Parametric Design, Theory And Urbanism.

    Keynote: Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid Architects.

    This includes: parametric urbanism, parametric design, landscape urbanism, urban analysis, urban simulations, sustainable urbanism, future cities, and smart cities.

  6. 6. Parallels In Construction: Materiality And Context.

    Keynote: Maria Segantini, C+S, and UEL.

    This includes: sustainable design, cities, construction, heritage, critical theory, materiality, and context.

Benefits Of Attending

Attending conferences is very beneficial on the professional level through the following:

  • Conferences are full of people promoting new ideas which will expand your knowledge and undoubtedly help your career.
  • You not only get to hear presentations but also converse with other researchers from different universities and even countries you may have only heard or read about.
  • You learn from experts in the field. It is a great opportunity to find more about your field and listen to ideas that could help inspire research ideas of your own.
  • Getting an overview of the place or city where the conference is being held and learning about its people and culture.
  • Conferences also can expand your resources by providing a great opportunity to promote gathered information on new technologies related to your research.
  • They let you test them out, share teaching tools and techniques, or even obtain samples of textbooks.
  • It is an opportunity to engage with respectable professors and discuss with them the very latest research projects they could be working on.
  • Delegates will have the choice of receiving the conference proceedings as either a hardcover book or in digital format on a USB flash drive. “The USB flash drive will additionally contain proceedings from previous conferences in this series.Indexing and Archiving Papers presented at IEREK conferences regularly appear in notable reviews, publications, and databases, including referencing and abstract.”
  • Digital Archive All conference papers are archived online in the IEREK E-Library IEREK where they are immediately and permanently available to the international scientific community.
  • Journal participants may attend the conference to submit an enhanced version of their research for possible publication in our journal on IEREK website.
  • All the participants will receive accredited certificates with their role in the conference which will help to enrich their curriculum vitae.
Important Dates

Title Date Notes
Abstract Submissions Deadline 14th May 2016
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 9th June 2016 Acceptance is issued once a positive feedback is received from the reviewing committee.
Full Paper Submission Deadline 26th July 2016
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 14th August 2016
Early Payment Deadline 31st July 2016
Regular Payment Deadline 14th August 2016 Late payment fees are mandatory after this date.
Late Payment Deadline 19th September 2016
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 24th July 2016 Will not be issued without completing the Conference Fees.
Letter of Final Acceptance 9th August 2016 Will not be issued without completing the fees, and approval of the Full-Paper.
Conference Program 14th August 2016
Conference Launch 11th September 2016
Participation Procedures

Once an abstract is submitted, it will be sent to the reviewers committee to go through the revision process:

  • Elementary Review:

Once an abstract has been submitted to our website, it is assigned for review by the reviewers using the abstract review sheet and validation of publication. This is based on four criteria:

· Accepted for publication (with minor editing changes).

· Conditionally accepted for publication (with revisions provided to authors).

· Rejected but encouraged for re-submission with major modifications.

· Rejected as inappropriate or unworthy of publication in this certain conference.

The criteria for accepting abstracts for the conference are as follows; a relevant topic of the conference should be proposed with clear writing, aims, and objectives of the study clearly presented, as well as a sound literature and methodology of the work.

  • First Acceptance:

Authors will receive a notification message to know the feedback of the reviewers committee. If an author receives the acceptance of his or her abstract, he or she has to continue writing the full-length paper using the requested templates.

  • Uploading Full-Length Paper:

Authors who are allowed to upload their full-length paper(s) should use the same account details to upload their full paper(s).

  • Second Acceptance:

The final paper will proceed to the primary revision to be checked if it meets the conference proceedings standards. Once it gets accepted, the author of the paper will be informed to pay the fees so that it could be sent for the final revision by the scientific committee.

  • Payment:

In this step, and to proceed paper(s) that passed to the final revision process and to get the final approval, authors have to pay the requested fees. Otherwise, the final revision process will not be considered for their papers.

  • Inspections and Final Approval of Full Papers:

Those with full papers and who have paid the requested fees will get finally inspected, either scientifically or linguistically. There will be a rigorous review process of full papers following the previous process according to the following criteria:

(1) Is the topic relevant to the conference?

(2) Is the writing and structure clear?

(3) Are graphics, photos, illustrations used where needed?

(4) Are the aims of the study clearly stated?

(5) Are the objectives of the study achieved?

(6) Is the literature review relevant and adequate?

(7) Has the author used an appropriate methodology and has it been clearly explained?

(8) Has the author interpreted the findings correctly?

(9) Is the paper a significant contribution to the field?

These are the registration and revision procedures for publication that all authors should follow.

IEREK proudly announces that the submitted papers in the “Parallelism, Environment in Architecture and Computing Techniques, (PACT), 2016” Conference shall be posted and published by two Journals of  one of the leading Publishers worldwide, Taylor & Francis: 1- Connection Science: Connection Science is a world-leading interdisciplinary journal dedicated to exploring the convergence of the analytic and synthetic sciences of mind including psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, computational modeling, artificial intelligence, analog and parallel computing, and robotics. A strong focus is on the simulation of living systems and their societies, including humans, and on the development of novel forms of synthetic life such as biomimetic robots. Articles arising from connectionist, probabilistic, dynamical, or evolutionary approaches, and that explore distributed adaptive computation or emergent order, are particularly relevant. The journal also encourages submission of research in systems-level computational neuroscience that seeks to understand sensorimotor integration, perception, cognition, or awareness in brain-like model systems.
Plagiarism Policy

IEREK has an unyielding policy regarding plagiarism. We believe that copying/taking the ideas and work of other Authors without permission and credit, is fraudulent. The Reviewing committee and IEREK employees have the authority to reject a paper during its reviewing process,  on the basis of the paper being subjected to either minor or major plagiarism. Duplicating any content, even if it is one sentence or one table without the consent of its original Author, will lead to the paper’s refusal upon the complaint of the plagiarism victim. 

Author's Instructions

Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the work to be described in the final paper, a maximum 300 word abstract is to be submitted.


Each research paper should have at least one main author who should pay the full fees (Author’s fees + Publication Fees), even if the main author is a Master’s or a PhD candidate, and even if the author won’t be able to attend the conference.

These fees include the registration of only one author to the conference.

Each Co-author has his/her own fees that are separate and independent of the Main author’s fees

Final acceptance will be based on the full-length paper, which if accepted for publication, must be presented at the conference.
English will be the official language of the “Parallelisem in Architecture, Environment  and Computing Techniques” Conference.

Short Paper

You can now submit your short paper instead of a full paper.

The paper will be of 4 pages of default format for a fee of $300 .

You can upload the short paper through the normal Upload Your Full Paper on your account “the upper-right part of the page” and just write in the filename the word “short-paper” for example as follows “paper name-short-paper.docx”


Conference Venue

University of East London (UEL)

University Way, Dockland Campus

London, E16 2RD, UK

University of East London, University Way, London, United Kingdom


Conference Accommodation
These are the suggested hotels that you can use for accommodation during the period of the conference. You can reserve your place by contacting the hotel.

Please note: these are just suggestions that we found most suitable for accommodation, they are not mandatory.

The rates are the average of the room rates based on booking websites informations during the time period of the conference (3 Nights).

Please note: Check the hotel website, as they may have special offers durig this period, and also to check the availability.

Hotel Name and LinkLocationSingle Room
For Three Nights
Double Room
For Three Nights
Premier Inn London Beckton1 Woolwich Manor Way, London E6 5NT, United KingdomN/A£275
Holiday Inn Express London – ExCel1018 Dockside Rd, London E16 2FQ, United KingdomN/A£620
Travelodge London Central City Road Hotel1016 Dockside Rd, London E16 2FQ, United Kingdom£339£399
Travelodge London City Airport1 Connaught Road, London E16 2BD, United Kingdom£258£288
Hotel ibis budget London City AirportN Woolwich Rd, London E16 2EE, United Kingdom£190£210
Connaught House Hotel (Excel)2 Festoon Way, London E16 1RH, United KingdomN/A£497
Aloft London ExcelOne Eastern Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1FR, United KingdomClick to Check the Available offers
Prince Regent Hotel Excel London361-363 Prince Regent Ln, London E16 3JP, United Kingdom£715£820

Visa Application

For participants who need Entry Visas, IEREK will issue a visa letter by University of East London for applicants who are accepted to present at our conferences.

Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

However, you are required to prepare your papers according to the regulations of your country’s embassy/consulate. To do this, you will need to visit the embassy/consulate website or by contacting them.

In case of any missing document during the appointment or any other unfortunate incident that leads to your rejection, IEREK clears its responsibility as we will have done our part in providing the documents we can provide to ease the process.

Conference Fees


- Each research paper should have one main author who should pay the full fee (Author fees) regardless of attendance.

- Each co-author (1-5 max) has his/her own separate fees to pay as shown in a table below.

- A research paper fee allows only one author, whether main or co-author, to attend the conference and receive only one copy of the conference proceedings book in both hard and soft copies. Extras can be requested for a fee shown below.

Cancellations / Refunds

- Delegates who cancel their registration due to special circumstances less than 60 days before the start of the conference will receive a complete refund minus a 100 USD administration charge.

- Once an acceptance letter has been issued, a refund is not possible.

- Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa (if needed), by providing relevant documents (if any), but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

Loyalty Membership Discounts

The more you attend, the more you're rewarded! 
IEREK offers its loyal participants with the following discounts depending on his/her attendance: 











*The aforementioned discounts are only applicable during Regular and Late Payment times. For more information, please refer to 'Important Dates'.

Author Fees

Author fees for Early Payment (Before August 8, 2018)

 USD 400

Author fees for Regular Payment (Before September 9, 2018)

 USD 500

Author fees for Late Payment (Before  October 10, 2018)

 USD 600


Regular Attendance Fees

Fees for Audiences (Co-authors, Learners, and Interests)

 USD 250

Fees for NON-Attending Co-Authors

 USD 50



Conference Book (Hard copy + CD)

 USD 100


Refund Policy

For Authors;

-If for any personal reason, you will not be attending the conference, you’ll be asked to provide a presentation and contact one of our scientific committee members for an extra fee, in order to present your work instead of you.

-If your visa got rejected, or if you weren’t able to get a security clearance for travel, kindly provide us with the rejection letter from the embassy/consulate or the office responsible for security clearances, and we will assign a member of the scientific committee for free to present your paper, after you’ve completed a PowerPoint presentation, only if a co-author will not be able to provide a presentation in your place, where in order for the co-author to present he will be required to pay the co-author fees as well.

-Once a visa letter and an acceptance letter has been issued, a refund will not be possible.

For Co-Authors, Audience, and Workshop attendees;

-Refund before the event with a duration of 45 days will be allowed in full, only deducted the fees for the transaction.

-Refund after the given duration of 45 days will only occur in case of Visa rejection, proof of rejection must be submitted, and according to the rejection reason refund amount will be determined as the following;

  • If the rejection reason stated that the rejection was the applicant's fault for not submitting the required papers for the visa, a refund will occur with administrative fees deducted from the total amount ONLY if, before the event’s date, no refunds after the event’s date will occur.
  • If the rejection reason was decided for reasons that the Applicant can’t be accounted for, a refund will occur with transaction fees deducted.
Conference Program
The Conference’s detailed program is now available on IEREK‘s website, with a detailed schedule and the conference sessions.
Please Note:


  • The conference sessions will be held in the West Building (WB) ground floor, Lecture Theatre 02 (WB.G.02).
  • The lunch will be served in the Knowledge Docks (DK).
  • Please prepare a 10 minutes presentation in PowerPoint or pdf-form for a windows computer We do not allow use of presenter’s own computers, so please bring your presentation on a USB stick.
  • We will be strict with time tabling, and will stop any presentations exceeding 10 min. Your presentation will be followed by a 5-min question round, moderated by the session chair.
  • Please meet with your session chair 15 minutes before the beginning of your session to copy the files and introduce yourself.

Please click on the following link to download the PACT exclusive program: