Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 9th Edition
Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 9th Edition

IEREK Conference

  • 03, Apr / 05, Apr 2025
  • Hybrid Conference in collaboration with Palermo University, Sicily, Italy
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Architectural construction showcases the pride of nations and cities worldwide. The history and tradition of cities become apparent in architectural construction, urban design, and city-wide management. Cities’ heritage is not only shown in historical landmarks and sites throughout cities and nations but carries on in contemporary construction, inspired by traditional elements of cultural norms throughout history.

In a modern, global era, some cities fell victim to the dilution of heritage in favor of appeasing the monumental global audience. Sacrificing heritage for a sense of normalcy in the world’s eye, these cities lack identity and lack elements that set them apart from their contemporaries. Ironically, these efforts of appeasement on a global scale backfire in terms of touristic attraction, economic value, and public sentiment. The tourism industry is known to be the lifeblood of many nations, and tourists overwhelmingly prefer to visit sites where the culture of the nation is apparent and all-encompassing. Lively streets where the very air showcases heritage and identity, where every step in the cities’ streets tells a story.

Cognizant of this, governments of nations around the world fight to protect their architectural heritage. Preservation efforts that take place yearly maintain the structural integrity, and artistic originality of historical landmarks, further fortifying the nation's identity and shielding the degradation of its heritage through time. The duty does not only fall upon governmental institutions however, public and NGO inclusion in conservation efforts have greatly aided in the safekeeping of historical monuments, showing that it takes a united mindset of people to fully preserve the identity of cities. Another vital factor that should not go unattended is educating future generations on the importance of heritage preservation. Showcasing real-time examples of architectural marvels proves most effective in the identification of their importance, and secures the future of architectural identity.

Stand for the conservation of architectural identity, and join us in IEREK’s 9th edition of the international “Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH)” conference. The conference aims to bring together experts in the fields of architecture, urban planning, preservationists, and archeology, to fortify the architectural heritage of cities and preserve them for generations to come.

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