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In the pursuit of academic excellence and fostering collaborative research, IEREK (International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange) offers a unique opportunity for universities to collaborate as main hosts or co-hosts in organizing scientific conferences. This collaboration provides numerous benefits to universities and their researchers without requiring any financial support. With IEREK handling all organizational matters, universities can focus on their role in providing organizational facilities and scientific vision support. This enables universities to actively contribute to the success of the conference while leveraging the expertise and resources available within their institution.

Benefits of Collaboration:

1. No Financial Burden: Unlike traditional conference organization models, IEREK ensures that the collaborating universities are not burdened with any financial obligations. The costs associated with organizing the conference are managed by IEREK, allowing universities to allocate their resources towards supporting the scientific vision and on-site organizational aspects of the event.
2. Exclusive Discounts for Researchers: Participating universities can provide their researchers with exclusive discounts of up to 50% on publication fees for high-quality publications to be indexed in Scopus. This empowers researchers to disseminate their work to a wider audience and enhances their research impact, all while benefiting from the collaborative platform provided by IEREK.
3. Expert Assistance and Organization: IEREK's dedicated team of experienced professors and professionals will take charge of all organizational matters, ensuring the smooth execution of the conference. Universities collaborating with IEREK can rely on these experts to provide valuable guidance and support throughout the planning and execution stages, enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of the event.
4. Promoting University Reputation: By actively participating as a main host or co-host university, institutions can significantly enhance their reputations among scholars and researchers. Their association with IEREK and the successful organization of a scientific conference demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence, attracting talented individuals to the university and fostering a collaborative environment conducive to innovative research.
5. Networking and Partnerships: Collaborating universities can connect with other renowned institutions through the conference. As a co-host university, universities can collaborate with the main host university and share in the benefits, including a discount of up to 25% on the announced costs. Joining IEREK will certainly open doors for networking, establishing partnerships, and fostering multidisciplinary collaborations that extend beyond the conference itself.

Collaboration Process:

To explore the collaboration opportunity, universities can contact IEREK via email and submit their proposals. IEREK will handle all organizational matters, ensuring a seamless and efficient collaboration process. Additionally, universities can also participate as subsidiary partners, either through invitation by IEREK or through the invitation extended by the main host university. For universities interested in subsidiary partnership, reaching out to IEREK via email will initiate the necessary communication.


IEREK warmly welcomes the participation of relevant companies and interested stakeholders in the conferences organized by IEREK. We believe that engaging with attendees and showcasing their work content will bring mutual benefits. Moreover, participating organizations will enjoy numerous advantages, including a full-year promotion across various media channels and the opportunity to feature their brand logos on conference posters. For further information and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Previous Collaborations:

IEREK welcomes collaborations with institutions such as universities in both previous and future conferences. Most recently, IEREK had collaborated with a number of institutions for the Sustainability in Creative Industries (SCI) conference that took place in November of 2022 as well as in the Resilient and Responsible Architecture and Urbanism (RRAU) conference that was conducted in April of 2023. IEREK’s 2023 Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) conference will also be conducted in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, UK, and will be co-hosted with the University of Cagliari.


By collaborating with IEREK as a main host or co-host university, institutions can actively contribute to the success of scientific conferences while reaping numerous benefits for their researchers and enhancing their reputation on a global scale. With IEREK taking care of the organizational aspects and offering exclusive publication discounts, universities can focus on providing organizational and scientific vision support. This collaborative approach facilitates knowledge exchange, networking, and the establishment of partnerships, fostering an environment of academic growth and innovation. Contact IEREK today to explore the exciting possibilities of collaboration and propel your university towards new heights of academic excellence.

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