Ranjit Godavarthy

Assistant Professor of Transportation, North Dakota State University. (Jan 2016-Present)

  • Develop/teach graduate courses, chair/serve on committees for all graduate students.
  • Course Instructor for the course – Transportation and Logistics 787: Public Transportation II, Spring 2016.

Associate Research Fellow, Small Urban & Rural Transit Center (SURTC), Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI), North Dakota State University. (December 2012-Present)

  • Quantified the benefits, costs, and analyzed the benefit-cost ratio of rural and small urban transit in United States. Developed a framework for assessing national demand response transit level of service using North Dakota and Florida as two U.S. states for pilot study. Evaluated the livability benefits of the bike share program in the city of Fargo, North Dakota. Investigated transit’s contribution to livability in rural communities by conducting case studies around the country (Project in collaboration with Texas Transportation Institute).

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, North Dakota State University. (August 2015-Present)

  • Collaborated with Civil Engineering Department in NDSU for teaching graduate courses and conducting transportation engineering research.
  • Guest Lecturer for the course – Civil Engineering 781: Traffic Engineering, Course Instructor: Amiy Varma.

Graduate Research Assistant, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.                                                       (August 2007 – December 2012)

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