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Abdurrahman Mohamed

Assistant Professor of Urban Design and Planning, Department of Architecture, University of Bahrain since 2010 and Director of IWAN Center for architectural Heritage, University of Gaza, Palestine since 2009.

Dr. Abdurrahman Mohamed is a hardworking and dynamic professional with more than 23 years of experience in the profession and academia. He worked in several universities in Palestine and United Arab Emirates. He also worked as an urban planning consultant for the Palestinian Ministry of Planning and PAPP program of the United Nations, In Dubai Municipality he worked as a project construction specialist 2004-2005. He was the first PhD holder to join the department of Architectural Engineering, Islamic University of Gaza in 1996. He became the head of department from 1999 t0 2001 and the Director of IWAN Center for Architectural Heritage, (2009- 2010). He was selected in 2011 as an external reviewer by the Ministry of   Research and Innovation, Ontario, Canada.  He has been added to the register of experts of the Euro-Mediterranean University EMUNI, Portoroz, Slovenia.

He joined University of Bahrain in 2010 where in 2012 he was the initiator and the head of the organizing committee for the First Architectural Heritage Photography and Drawing Competition in celebration of UNESCO World Heritage Day. In 2013, he became member of the advisory committee and the organization executive for the Eskan Bank Award for Creative Engineering. In 2014, he was the coordinator of the Ministry of Transportation Award for Innovative Transport Systems. He became also a member of the advisory committee of the award and the executive of its organizing committee.

Dr. Mohamed teaches several courses including architectural design studios, graduation project, urban planning, sustainable urban planning, urban design, architectural conservation, landscape architecture, Palestinian architecture, Islamic architecture; and culture and urban sociology. He is one of the first Arab scholars to introduce the concept of phenomenology in architectural education.

He participated in several refereed international conferences and workshops in Palestine, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Portugal, UK and the Netherlands.

His research interests cover several topics including theory and practice of urban planning, sustainable urban design and planning, theory of architectural design, design process, Islamic Architecture, Islamic cities and architectural heritage conservation. He recently completed the drafts of two books on sustainable urban planning and architectural design philosophy. He also is the first scholar to introduce “Phenomenology in Architecture” in architecture schools in the region. He is currently working on the development of a main reference on the principles of phenomenological architectural design. In addition, He has jointly developed GAPRO with Cristina Bronzino, University of Naples, Italy. It is an innovative approach for the revitalization of historic cities and Architectural Heritage Assessment.


Dr. Mohamed believes that elaboration, cooperation and dialogue are the pillars for more Knowledgeable, peaceful and prosperous world

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