Sustainability in Creative Industries 3rd Edition
Sustainability in Creative Industries 3rd Edition

IEREK Conference

  • 25, Aug / 26, Aug 2024
  • Online Conference
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Innovation and creativity are the keys with which humanity can open the door to prosperity and future success. They are at the heart of human progress and ingenuity, and thus valued by all. Creative industries play a vital role in today’s society, transforming bland and dull structures into engaging and magnificent experiences. Creative design grips us, and demands our attention, it is thus imperative that we deliberate and ponder upon its longevity for years to come.

The sustainability of creative industries stands to benefit us all, no matter your field of expertise. Novel innovations proposed recently aim to refine a multitude of disciplines, ranging from business practices, social networking, design and modeling technology, to user experience optimization and virtual/augmented reality inventions. Not only are creative industries extremely valuable in a monetary sense, but additionally, they improve our mental well-being, decrease our stress levels and ensure our children can grow in a healthy and safe environment.

The march of progress, however, cannot come at the cost of nature and the environment around us. Efforts made by scholars and researchers in recent years dive into the topic of Nature-based Solutions (NbS), which aim to lessen the impact on the environment, through the notion of a healthy and well-managed ecosystem. Implementing nature-based solutions can prove invaluable to all people; reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and securing water resources. Following the guidelines of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) also ensures the longevity of creative industries for generations to come, while ensuring the safety of our environment.

Join the discussion at IEREK’s 3rd Edition of “Sustainability in Creative Industries (SCI)” online conference in collaboration with Universitas Ciputra. Where we aim to discuss the newest research and studies on the topic of sustainability of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Conference Topics
  • 1. Historical Approaches for Sustainable Creative Industry Resources

    1.1 Heritage Design Studies

    1.2 Cultural Identity

    1.3 Local Knowledge

    1.4 Co-creation of Heritage

  • 2. Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Design

    2.1 New Design Technology

    2.2 Design Innovation

    2.3 UI/UX

    2.4 AR/VR

    2.5 Metaverse

  • 3. Design Approaches for Sustainable Creative Industries

    3.1 Nature-Based Solutions (NbS)

    3.2 Design Development for Reducing Environmental Impact

    3.3 Sustainability in Design Production

  • 4. Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries

    4.1 Business Model for Sustainability

    4.2 Sustainability and Consumerism

  • 5. Material Exploration and Craftsmanship for Sustainability

    5.1 Eco-friendly Material

    5.2 Craftsmanship and Slow made

  • 6. Education for Sustainable Creative Industries

    6.1 Digital Transformation in Design Education

    6.2 Entrepreneurial Design Education