Biomimetic Approach in the Design of the Indonesian Red Cross Memorial for COVID-19 in Tangerang Regency


The outbreak of COVID-19, which was caused by the novel coronavirus, has had extensive effects on a global scale. Since its emergence in late 2019, the virus has rapidly spread across continents, leading to a pandemic. The effects of COVID-19 have been profound, impacting health, economies, and societies worldwide. The virus has resulted in millions of infections and deaths, overwhelming healthcare systems and causing immense suffering. The outbreak of the virus required strict public health measures such as lockdowns, travel restrictions, and social distancing disrupting people’s daily lives and causing economic turmoil.

One of the countries that has been negatively impacted by the pandemic is Indonesia. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on Indonesia, leaving no aspect of life untouched. From the economy to public health, the country has been struggling with the consequences of the virus. The healthcare system has been under immense pressure, with hospitals struggling to provide adequate care to the growing number of patients. The loss of lives has been shocking, and families have been torn apart by the grief of losing their loved ones. The economy has taken a severe hit as well. With businesses shutting down and unemployment rates rising. In addition to that, the tourism industry, a major source of revenue for the country, has been decimated, leaving countless individuals jobless. The education sector has also been deeply affected, with schools and universities forced to transition to online learning, leaving many students without access to proper education. The social fabric of the nation has been torn apart, with social distancing measures and lockdowns causing isolation and mental health challenges for many. Indonesia, like many other countries, has faced an uphill battle against this unprecedented crisis, but the resilience and determination of its people have offered hope for a brighter future.

Locals wearing protective masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) stand in line as they receive assistance given by Indonesian President in Jakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesian Red Cross is a prominent humanitarian organization dedicated to providing assistance and support to those in need. With a rich history dating back to its establishment, it has been at the front line of disaster response, healthcare services, and community development in Indonesia. The organization’s mission is to ease human suffering, promote health and well-being, and strengthen the resilience of communities. As a way to do that, it has been suggested that the Red Cross adopt a biomimetic approach in the design of its COVID-19 memorial in Tangerang Regency.

Indonesian Red Cross

The term “biomimetics” describes artificial materials, systems, procedures, or gadgets that mimic natural phenomena. Biomimetics is the art and science of developing and constructing biomimetic devices. The suggested shape of construction for the memorial is the shape of the Bamboo Shoot. The shape of a bamboo shoot was selected as a fitting metaphor to represent resilience and the development of newly acquired optimism. The goal of the design investigation is to integrate the form with the subsequent spatial experience to provide a space that encourages activities and a sense of place. Because bamboo is a fast-growing, robust plant that can easily adapt to its surroundings, it has a straight shape, is highly flexible, and has significant philosophical importance in Indonesian culture. Since bamboo was one of the weapons used to battle colonialism, it has come to represent the Indonesian people’s struggle for independence. Within the community, Tangerang Regency is renowned for being a hub for exporting woven bamboo headwear to other nations. The bamboo hat serves as Tangerang Regency’s emblem since it has come to symbolize the identity of the local populace. The concept of Biomimetics by focusing on form is closer to the application of metaphors that are more concerned with conceptual and visual synergy and that is one of the reasons why this shape had been chosen for the memorial in the paper.

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The Indonesian Red Cross Memorial for COVID-19 in Tangerang Regency stands as a testament to the power of biomimetic design. By harnessing nature’s wisdom, the memorial not only pays tribute to the lives impacted by the pandemic but also serves as a symbol of hope and resilience. Through its biomorphic architecture, sustainable materials, and healing gardens, this memorial offers solace, comfort, and a connection to the natural world. It reminds us that by looking to nature, we can find inspiration and innovative solutions to the challenges we face.

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