The 5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration
The 5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration

Conference Overview

  • 02, Oct / 05, Oct 2023
  • Italy
Conference Email
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Dear colleagues,

The 5th Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration (EMCEI-2023) aims to gather high-quality, original research papers for publication following peer review in topical collections (special issues) of the Euro-Mediterranean Journal for Environmental Integration and other Springer journals on various multidisciplinary topics linked to the evolution and development of the Euro-Mediterranean environment in the past, present, and future (see Special Issues). The main objectives of the conference are to support research and innovation, to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge, and to foster collaboration among Euro-Mediterranean communities. The conference participants will have an opportunity to attend several keynote presentations on new indicators and directions in research, development and innovations in the multidisciplinary fields of the environmental sciences. To this end, several high-profile Euro-Mediterranean scientists will participate in this conference (see Plenaries). Moreover, a social and cultural program is planned, where, participants can take a little time out to explore the wonders of the historical sites of the province of Cosenza, in Calabria region, southern Italy (see Social Program).

We invite you to come to Rende (Cosenza) and contribute to and participate in an exciting conference in a stimulating environment!

The Conference Organising Committee
25 December 2022

Conference Topics


    The scientific committee of the 5th EMCEI invites research papers on all cross-cutting themes of the environmental sciences and engineering, with a main focus on the following 13 conference tracks:

    • Track 1. Engineering applications for environmental management
      Chief Editor: Nicolas Roche, France
    • Track 2. Process control, simulations and intensification for environmental management
      Chief Editor: Sudip Chakraborty, Italy
    • Track 3. Ecotoxicology, environmental safety and bioremediation
      Chief Editor: Eric D. van Hullebusch, France
    • Track 4. Biotechnology for environmental management
      Chief Editor: Philippe Michaud, France
    • Track 5. Climate-change-related effects on the environment and ecological systems
      Chief Editor: Elena Xoplaki, Germany
    • Track 6. Natural resources, agriculture and the environment
      Chief Editor: Jesús Rodrigo Comino, Spain
    • Track 7. Smart technologies for environmentally friendly energy production
      Chief Editor: Jaya Narayan Sahu, Germany
    • Track 8. Remote sensing and GIS for environmental monitoring and management
      Chief Editor: Anthony Lehmann, Switzerland
    • Track 9. Environmental impacts of natural hazards and environmental risk assessment
      Chief Editor: Settimio Ferlisi, Italy
    • Track 10. Sustainable management of marine and coastal environments
      Chief Editor: João Miguel Dias, Portugal
    • Track 11. Sustainable management of the urban environment, the indoor and built environment
      Chief Editor: Benigno Sánchez Cabrero, Spain
    • Track 12. Ecosystems and biodiversity conservation
      Chief Editor: Giulia Guerriero, Italy
    • Track 13. Environmental-change-related impacts on human, animal, and ecosystem health
      Chief Editor: Georgios Nikolopoulos, Cyprus