Future Smart Cities (FSC) – 8th Edition
Future Smart Cities (FSC) – 8th Edition

IEREK Conference

  • 25, Nov / 27, Nov 2025
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The future hides a lot. It’s said that Technology has left no imagination for the human being, as it without a doubt exceeds it. Though it has no boundaries, technology is becoming more and more challenging over time, leaving one questioning “What is next?!”

Futuristic cities grab a lot of attention. They give scientists plenty of space to draw our future with the highest quality. One can find examples of smart cities scattered all around the world. Singapore is regarded as one of the most futuristic and smart cities around the world. There you can find a focus from the government on digital technologies and initiatives to increase the productivity and advance the county’s economy. Oslo is another smart city with a focus on being an eco-friendly environment. It aims to convert all common vehicles in the city to be electric by the year of 2025. While Oslo looks towards EVs, Copenhagen focuses on monitoring energy consumption, traffic, air quality, and waste management.

These are only examples of many approaches to achieve a sustainable smart city. As IEREK is enamored by the prospects of smart cities, it officially announces the launch of the 8th edition of the "Future Smart Cities" International Conference, following the success of its 7 previous editions.

The objective of the conference is to address the different aspects that improve a city's functioning and consequently boosting economic growth, and enhancing residents' quality of life, by integrating intelligent and smart technology effectively.

Through the conference, the quest of reducing the total resource consumption, waste, expense, and increasing the global awareness of the advantages of smart city development are to be promoted.

This conference will serve as a forum for disseminating the most up-to-date scientific and technical information in the development of future cities.

Selected papers from this conference will be published in the IEREK Interdisciplinary Series on "Advances in Science, Technology, and Innovation" (ASTI) published by Springer and indexed in Scopus. Other submissions will be published by IEREK Press.

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