Environmental Design, Materials Science, and Engineering Technologies
Environmental Design, Materials Science, and Engineering Technologies

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  • 22, Apr / 25, Apr 2020
  • Dubai
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Humanity's upheaval and elevation as a species has always been a joint endeavor. We all have an inbuilt desire for exploration and creativity, and our natural curiosity propels us all ahead toward prosperity and success. An enormous diversity of opinions and interests is one of the necessary aspects that have supported humanity on its evolutionary journey. We can help one other in a variety of areas and sciences while also developing humanity as a whole.

Engineering aspires to put scientific progress into practice in ways that benefit all of humanity. Engineering philosophies cover a wide range of topics, all of which enrich our lives and improve our livability and well-being. Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering fields, aiding movement, fluidity, and motion. Mechanical engineering now collaborates with other fields such as electronics, aviation, and computation to generate precision robotics, improved flying mechanisms, and adaptive machinery control. Aviation, on the other hand, is widely recognized as a scientific marvel that has successfully realized humanity's most historic and idealistic goal. The marvel of flight is now available to all, thanks to technological developments that have made it the safest way of transportation to date. The study of aviation and aerodynamics attempts to further refine the flight process and elevate it to a more seamless, efficient, and faster mode of transportation.

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