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Postgraduate introduction

 Hoping for Developing the minds of current and future generations, IEREK has been working towards presenting students, and learners, with suitable learning opportunities,

Capitalizing on the early years of youth is certainly bridging between experience and knowledge. Yet, the best means to achieve such balance is to pursue your degree overseas.

Being a smart and challenge lover person that looking to upgrade his education and build on his local undergraduate degree to open new opportunities for his career, Postgraduate study abroad is one of the tools that will help you doing this

As part of IEREK’s global vision and activities, we are interested to support postgraduate candidates from our reason and expose them to different degrees either Online or on Campus studies,

 - Services that IEREK offers:

     - Educational Counselling

     - Course Selection

     - University Selection

     - Choose between Online and on Campus degree

     - Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges

     - Visa Assistance & Airport Assistance

     - Scholarship Assistance

     - Accommodation Services

     - Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes

     - English language classes

     - Registration for Entrance and English tests


IEREK is happy to provide you with assistance in selecting the right university and helping you reach a successful satisfactory application process.

IEREK will manage and guide you through the admission process, starting from selecting the university up until receiving the university offer and moreover helping in landing process to the selected country.

Services Fees
Payment USD 1000