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 Hoping for Developing the minds of current and future generations, IEREK has been working towards presenting students, and learners, with suitable learning opportunities,

Capitalizing on the early years of youth is certainly bridging between experience and knowledge. Yet, the best means to achieve such balance is to pursue your degree overseas.

Being a smart and challenge lover person that looking to upgrade his education and build on his local undergraduate degree to open new opportunities for his career, Postgraduate study abroad is one of the tools that will help you doing this

As part of IEREK’s global vision and activities, we are interested to support postgraduate candidates from our reason and expose them to different degrees either Online or on Campus studies,

 - Services that IEREK offers:

     - Educational Counselling

     - Course Selection

     - University Selection

     - Choose between Online and on Campus degree

     - Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges

     - Visa Assistance & Airport Assistance

     - Scholarship Assistance

     - Accommodation Services

     - Entrance Exams- Coaching Classes

     - English language classes

     - Registration for Entrance and English tests


IEREK is happy to provide you with assistance in selecting the right university and helping you reach a successful satisfactory application process.

IEREK will manage and guide you through the admission process, starting from selecting the university up until receiving the university offer and moreover helping in landing process to the selected country.


IEREK has been selected to represent UNICAF in Egypt. UNICAF is an educational organization aiming to increase access to quality Higher Education for people in Africa and the region.  With a physical presence in nine African countries, (including Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Malawi, Mauritius, Somalia and Egypt), UNICAF continues to expand and to provide more opportunities to even more people who wish to study online or through blended learning to earn quality degrees from reputable universities in the UK, in Europe and in Africa.

The generous UNICAF Scholarship Programme offers eligible candidates an unsurpassed opportunity to study for a Bachelor, Master’s or Doctorate degree at a fraction of the cost. UNICAF Scholarships can cover up to 80% of tuition fees, depending on the applicant’s financial situation.

Online study material is delivered through an easy to navigate, digital platform, the UNICAF Virtual Learning Environment; the VLE provides 24/7 access  to text e-books, facilitates the interaction of students with tutors, administrators and fellow students, and offers  the opportunity to study at one’s own pace, completing modules, sending completed assignments to be marked, even taking exams. All that is needed is a reliable connection to the Internet. Blended learning is only available at specific locations and for particular programmes, and combines online delivery with face to face, classroom teaching.

UNICAF students can study at their own pace, completing modules and progressing in their course, by studying at the most convenient times and places, without neglecting job or family commitments. They even have the chance to do all their studying online and then graduate on campus, at the respective university, together with their on campus fellow students.

The aim of UNICAF is to answer the growing challenge of Higher Education in the African continent, which has some of the youngest populations worldwide and where demand for university places far exceeds supply. Many  African countries are exhibiting fast development rates and are  attracting multinational corporations and other investors, setting up headquarters and searching for qualified personnel to employ. The only way to meet this challenge is online study.

For more information on UNICAF’s scholarships and degree programmes please visit

Services Fees
Payment USD 1000