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Project Management Services

IEREK is a pioneer in the field of projects management given the various projects implemented throughout its department "EAMAR FOR REAL STATE & CONTRACTING" such as:

- Montaza Flowers Project

- Abrag Elsafwa Project

- Miami Classique Project

- Miami Romance Project

- Madenet Alshabab Project

 IEREK also contributes to the EU projects produced through "ENI CBC 2014-2020" programs.

With vast hands-on experience in the Middle East and Europe, IEREK is now a niche provider of project management consulting offering its clients the opportunity to implement their business ideas. This service aims to help clients improve their business performance and ensure higher credibility, profitability, and sustainability of their businesses.

Initiation and Assessment

In the beginning stages of the agreement, IEREK will carefully assess your current portfolio, management process, and business plan to determine the appropriate steps needed to get your current business to its future goals. This stage includes intensive analyses on your project’s strengths, weaknesses, and gaps and working in collaboration and agreement with you to move forward.

This initial stage includes the following:

- Revision of your current operations/Reviewing your business plan

- Financial analysis and creating a budget suitable for your capabilities and your project’s needs

- SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the business

- Project blueprint including costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedules

Planned Improvement:

The results from the aforementioned analyses will be used, in coordination with you, to improve your project management strategy. This stage will include a cost/benefit analysis for taking the next steps to reach your business objectives. This stage may include radical changes

The main purpose of this is to plan time, cost and resources adequately and estimate potential risks.

The Planned Improvement stage includes the following:

- Developing your project’s focus and scope

- Developing your project’s mission and vision

- Selecting an appropriate team for execution

- Creating a work breakdown structure

- Estimating resources needed

- Creating an appropriate schedule and an appropriate budget

- Setting quality assurance measures


In this stage, IEREK will help you allocate, coordinate, and manage all your resources in real-time based on the previous stages.

This phase involves proper allocation, coordination, and management of human resources and any other resources such as material and budgets. The output of this phase is the project deliverables. This stage will also include frequent analyses of business productivity, resource management, financial evaluations, and customer satisfaction.

IEREK – Client Process Reports

This stage is when IEREK, in coordination with you, monitors the previously implemented measures. The purpose of this stage is to make sure the execution is going smoothly and take any needed corrective action.

The IEREK – Client process Reports phase includes the following:

- Evaluating where your business is and what further steps we may need to implement

- Monitoring the costs, tasks, deliverables, and schedules against the initial plan

- Taking any corrective actions if needed

Results and Closing

The results and closing stage include the following:

- Finalizing and closing the contract.

- Post Implementation review to make sure that everything is moving forward as planned.

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