The Launch of “GU-2nd edition” conference


Today marks the start of the 2nd international conference on “Green Urbanism: The Periphery as a Catalyst for Energy and Skills” organized by IEREK in collaboration with Roma Tre University, Rome, Architecture Department.

First day of the conference includes the registration process for authors and audiences. It also includes:

  • The opening session will start with greetings and short-introductions by:
  • Ferdinando Trapani, Urban Planning Department of Architecture Polytechnic School University of Palermo, Italy
  • Fabio Naselli, Lecturer of Urban Planning and Design Department of Architecture, EPOKA University, Tirana, Albania
  • Lucia Nucci, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, Department of Architecture University of Roma3, Italy
  • Elisabetta Pallottino, Full Professor of Restoration. Head of the Department of Architecture University of Roma3, Italy
  • Chaham Alalouch, Assistant Professor in Architecture Engineering post at Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
  • Mourad Amer, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, IEREK
  • Abdelaziz Sakr, General Director, IEREK
  • The valuable lecture of Chaham Alalouch, Assistant Professor in Architectural Engineering at Sultan Qaboos University as a keynote speaker.

After coffee break, the Parallel Sessions will start with an introductive Plenary Session,

Authors (researchers) started to present a demo of their research paper in oral presentations while session chairman and moderators listen, discuss, and evaluate.

The 1st session will be led and moderated by prof. Lucia Nucci, Prof. Fabio Naselli, and prof. Wael Youssef. It was about Governance and Education for Sustainable Cities.

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