The 3rd International summer school - Advanced Urban Planning & Architectural Design
The 3rd International summer school - Advanced Urban Planning & Architectural Design

  • 13, Jul / 25, Jul 2019
  • Rome, Italy
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About the AUD Summer School

In order to provide a higher service quality, and increase the provided benefits for the students, the Summer school date has changed to have its very first day on the 13th of July, 2019, and will end on the 25th of july, 2019.

This program is an advancement in the field of urban design and allows students to further specialize their education in an area that interests them.

Students who have undergone varied studies that include landscape design, engineering, architecture and planning are given an opportunity to explore and experiment with architectural and urban design.

  • Aimed to build a new and qualified generation of urban designers, the summer school offers: Methods of critical, conceptual and design thinking
  • A group of tutors from leading universities/firms and different parts of the globe
  • The needed experience, preparing students to work in international architectural and design offices and development companies etc.
  •  Project modules with innovative briefs developed in collaboration with leading experts in the field
  • Exposure to a different environment, culture and tradition
  • The chance to work on a real-life case study on “Vela di Calatrava
  •  Sports City Complex” in Rome to develop techniques in creative fieldwork.
  •  Analyze and interpret a selected range of contemporary urban design practices and issues in contemporary dialogue.
  • Identify and critique the multidisciplinary frameworks and techniques employed in urban design practice

    Who should attend? This course is ideal for students with a background in architecture or urban design. A high level of drawing skills will provide an excellent platform for benefiting most from the course.

Following the success of the first and second international summer school on "Advanced Urban Planning & Architectural Design” the third edition of this summer school will be held from the 13th to the 25th of July 2019 in partnership with The University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Themes and Case Study

Known as Rome’s Ghost Stadium, Internationally renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava’s innovative sports city complex will be the focus, or rather case study undertaken, for the international Summer school on Advanced Urban Design for 2019.

Master-planned and intended to be immense enough to host the 2024 summer Olympics

  • volleyball, gymnastics, and basketball finals
  • and the 2009 World Swimming Championships, a project remains unfinished since 2005.
  • The Citta dello Sport structure is located on the outskirts of Rome.
  • A white steel structure made consisting of facilities for the University of Rome Tor Vergata.
  • The Sports complex was originally anticipated to include two matching mountain
  • like stadium pavilions, outdoor recreational facilities, and a long park connecting the complex to the university’s administration building.

Now, with the stadium’s raw concrete seating and a giant white cage above, the building is left to wither away.

A victim of neither poor construction nor conceit, the reason for its failure could be summarized in simple economics.

Since construction began in 2007, alteration to the project took place as to accommodate more seating.

Consequently, prices increased resulting in a cost estimate of 300 Million euros

–double the initial price.

Costs had risen further over the years due to several attempts for its completion starting with 130 M rising up to 200 M and reaching 600 M euros and only one

-third of the amount allocated for the project.

Several proposals have been made to re-use the existing structure. Planning Commissioner of the City of Rome, and an Associate Professor in Urban planning at Roma Tre University, suggested a conversion of the structure into a 130 hectare botanical garden.

Some believed it damaged the landscape and community and must be put down while others suggested changing it into the Faculty of Natural Sciences for the University of Tor Vergata.

In the face of gaps, unsuccessful feasibility studies, and flawed urban designing and planning of the area that led to the failure of the project, this summer school is an attempt at coming up with solutions to re-invent and develop the incomplete structure and re-consider & re-asses the master planning of the area.

The course combines theoretical and practical studies through the delivery of a series of lectures, seminars, and studio-based work.

Address: Vela di Calatrava - Città dello Sport 00133 Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Site Location: https://goo.gl/maps/SebzAxdm5u22

Important Dates
  Date From Date To

Registration Deadline

  May 30, 2019
Payment Deadline   May 30, 2019

letter of visa (for those who need a visa entry)

  June 6, 2019

Summer School Launch

July 13, 2019 July 25, 2019
Early payment (Before 25th January, 2019) € 920
Regular payment   (Until 15th March, 2019) € 980
Late payment   (After 15th March, 2019) € 1050

Course Fees will include:

  • Course material.
  • Accommodation for 12 nights on a B&B basis in Campus X Rome.-International certificate from one of the most ancient and remarkable universities in Europe (University of Rome Tor Vergata).
  • Transportation from the Airport only.

Companion Fees:

Each student can have a companion for additional fees 650 Euros including accommodation and transportation from the airport only.

Summer School Social Program (optional):

1- Entertainment package (Rome only) fees:  € 150

  • Internal public transportation.
  • 1 full day sight-seeing.
  • 1 full day entertainment trip.

 2- Pisa: € 150

  • 1 Day visit (Additional Accommodation 1 Night with transportation)

 3- Venice: 200

  • 1 Day visit (Additional Accommodation 1 Night with transportation)

Refund Policy:

  • Visa Rejection cases are to receive an 80% refund of the total amount (proof of rejection must be submitted).
  • Cancellation is only allowed 45 days before the event start date with only a 50% refund of the total amount.
Refund or Withdrawal Policy

- Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa (if needed), by sending an invitation letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy. 

- In case you could not attend the program for visa rejection will get a refund minus 20% administration charges, and the bank commissions, to be refunded after the program end date.

- In case you could not attend the program for any other special circumstances will get a refund minus 50% administration charges, and the bank commissions, to be refunded after the program end date, considering that cancellation is made 45 days before event start date.

- If the visa has already been accepted, the fees cannot be refunded.

Advisory Committee
IEREK is honored to hold The International Summer School on Advanced Urban Design in collaboration with our partners:

Prof. Anna Laura Pisello

Assistant Professor of Applied Physics at University of Perugia, Italy

Prof. Ferdinando Trapani

Associate Professor in Urban Planning, Department of Architecture, Polytechnics School at the ‘Università degli Studi di Palermo

Universita' Di Roma Tor Vergata

University of Perugia, Italy

The University of Palermo, Italy

The University of Molise, Italy

Utoronto University, Italy

CampusX Roma, Via di Passo Lombardo, Rome

Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

Summer School Instructors
  • Prof Hocine Bougdah,Founding Director at IERS-UK.
  • Prof Antonella Falzetti, Department of civil & computer Engineering, university of Tor Vergata, Italy.
  • Prof Barbara Barboni, PhD from 2015-2016 professor runnig the course of Urban Planning + Laboratory (10CFU) of Civil Eng. – Architecture at Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”.
  • Prof Serena Piselli, PhD Candidate - Architecture and Construction- University of Rome  "Tor Vergata", Civil Engineering Department.