Advanced Urban Planning & Design
Advanced Urban Planning & Design

  • 18, Jul / 29, Jul 2018

Urban Design is an approach that provides a city with a shape, form, and character. It is a study of parts of the city that constitute a group of buildings or an integrated Urban Fabric and Focuses on Physical Material Elements such as blocks and the spaces around them and their relationships with each of the second and third dimensions.

Urban design maneuvers around major details that define horizontal and vertical relationships of sectors to identify themes of motion, entrances to buildings and assembly points, and deviation and intersections and overlaps between axes of movement and Visual axes. It deals with city or sector zoning as an Abstract and Urban Designer takes the design rights of ownership or employer and acting within a certain area.

One role of crucial importance in urban design is the infrastructure as it is still exclusively the result of policy maker's decisions and engineers’ designs. Thus, the complexity of infrastructural systems is only conceived in terms of pure functionality, and so the developments are managed merely in technocratic terms.

IEREK in collaboration with Ain Shams University – Cairo will host a two-week summer school in advanced Urban Planning & Design. The course will deal with advanced techniques and technologies used in urban designing. It is important to be mentioned that the course will go through a real case study on:
Designing infrastructure: a key turn in the Urban Landscape, case study the Tor Vergata Rome, Italy”.

Undergraduates, post graduates students, and interested participants are all invited to attend this course from 8- 25 of July 2017 at Rome.