Public Speaking Workshop ( Alexandria )
Public Speaking Workshop ( Alexandria )

IEREK Workshop

  • 25, Jan / 26, Jan 2017
  • Alexandria
Workshop Email
[email protected]
Workshop Introduction

You are not regarded as an intelligent person through your thoughts, no matter how brilliant you are only deemed intelligent by the way you articulate your thoughts. It is for that reason that any reputable employer primarily focuses on the way employees articulate their thoughts in a manner that is both presentable and effective. In this Workshop, you will be provided with an introduction to the fundamental principles of speaking in public confidently and effectively through a variety of Pedagogical Strategies. Those include, and are not limited to, Presentations, Discussions, Workshops, Mutual Participation Activities, and Participant Presentation and Evaluation.

Public Speaking, though the most important form, is the most dreaded kind of communication there is. However, in order to become a well-rounded person with the ability to progress in your working Environment and your Social Life, you must be able to master the skill of being a professional public speaker through interactive practice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learning the art of communication and how to speak confidently in public Learning how to develop a persuasive style that will help deliver your thoughts Learning how to professionally deliver a presentation Learning the 4p’s of presentation Learning how to analyze and manage an audience Learning how to control yourself, body and gestures Learning how to make your speech effective and memorable 

Meet Your Instructor

Your instructor will be Dr. ABDELAZIZ SAQR

Dr. Abdelaziz Saqr has been working for the last 25 years in the field of pharmaceuticals and leadership.

He worked as operation and organization effectiveness manager, training manager, market research manager, country director, and area director in multinational companies in the Gulf, North, West, and South Africa.

  • He is a certified trainer in the following fields:
  1. Presentation skills, Lilly Training Institute
  2. Communication skills, Lilly Training Institute
  3. Time management, Lilly Training Institute
  4. Negotiation to yes, Lilly Training Institute
  5. Behavioral styles and insights, KenBlanchard
  6. Coaching for high performance, KenBlanchard
  7. Advanced coaching skills, KenBlanchard
  8. Situational Leadership, KenBlanchard
  9. Emotional intelligence, KenBlanchard
  10. Performance and Appraisal management, KenBlanchard
  • He was a training and organization effectiveness Leader in different international organizations.
  • He is certified to train candidates and help them acquire the ability to “walk the talk” and make training theory a life practice for success.
Workshop Fees

Fees for Foreigns 150
Fees for Egyptians (EGP) 400