Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering, & Computing Techniques
Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering, & Computing Techniques

  • 08, May / 09, May 2019
Book Series Editors:

The theme of parallelism is one recently receiving abundant attention. With existent relations between computational design through universal, organizational, and constantly developing contexts, the need for its inclusion in discussions has been significantly increasing.

This book will be an attempt at discussing and maneuvering through the relations between computational design software and the challenges faced by its practitioners as an attempt to improve its practice. It will explore the complex and diverse existence of computational discourse. It will include both, theoretical and analytical interpretations of contemporary topics such as high-performance computing, big data, advanced fabrication technologies, etc.

This book is useful for different interested authors, decision makers, and planners as it presents a collection of case studies from different cultures and aspects. It is a way to promoting new ideas and expanding the reader’s knowledge.

The book sections will cover all aspects related to Parallelism in Architecture and Engineering as a whole and shall depend solely on the proceedings submitted to the conference on “Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering, & computing Techniques” and extended work from previous conferences.

Chapters also could be acquired and promoted in several universities, associations, and communities of academia especially the connections of professors to be recommended to doctoral students and interested readers, and through online channels.