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  • Cairo, Egypt
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This course is designed for participants such as engineers, planners, surveyors and those who wish to work in the field of remote sensing as integrated within the GIS environment and applications.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participants will demonstrate competency by being able to:

Define image analysis as applied to GIS applications.

Identify the major steps in integrating RS imagery within GIS layers.

Recognize the process of digital image enhancement for GIS projects.

Identify image analysis tools within ArcGIS Image Analyst extension.

Build the essential skills to deal with RS imagery for GIS applications.

Course Modules

Using RS imagery for GIS applications.

Image/Layer display/ rectification/Georeferencing.

Image enhancement techniques.

Raster-Vector Conversion.

Thematic Map Generation.

Course Practical

ArcGIS Image Analyst Extension.

Extension Tools & Functionalities.

Spatial/Radiometric/Spectral Enhancement.

GIS Image Analysis.

Data Conversion.

Registrants L.E 1250