Fundamentals of GPS
Fundamentals of GPS

IEREK Workshop

  • 01, Aug / 31, Dec 2018
  • Cairo, Egypt
Workshop Email
[email protected]

This is a 1-day course, presents an overview of how the GPS System Works, its Historical Evolution, applications, as well as operational considerations.

Course Objectives
To give a comprehensive introduction to GPS, system concepts, design, operation and applications with informative, easy-to-follow presentations·
To provide information about GPS signal, the techniques by which GPS obtains position, velocity and time.
Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for those students, technicians, engineers, managers and technical sales who are new to GPS and need a rapid overview GPS basics.

Course Content
GPS System description·     Overview & History·     GPS Basic System
GPS principles·     Positioning concept·     Errors and accuracy
Positioning modes·     Stand-alone positioning·     Relative positioning
GPS applications·     Engineering Surveying& transportation·     Personal navigation
Future GNSS·     Modernization program·     Other GNSS systems
Application oriented discussion·     GPS applications & smart phone·     Open Discussion, and Closure
None, however, reading about GPS is recommended.
Almost no math will be committed in this course.
The course is designed such that an engineering background is not required or expected.
Workshop Fees for Non-Egyptians $ 500
Workshop Fees for Egyptians L.E 2500