Cultural Sustainable Tourism
Cultural Sustainable Tourism

  • 27, May / 29, May 2018
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Tourism is an integral part of most, if not all, world economies and climate change is a foregone conclusion, supported by scientific evidence, it is very prudent that we discuss how we can learn, adapt ourselves and continue to be successful at all levels of society. The tourism industry of specific countries has already started the process of reducing its impact on natural resources, consumption patterns, pollution and social systems.

Through a series of international case studies, this book presents solutions from varied sources of making worldwide tourism culturally, environmentally, anthropologically, architecturally and archeologically viable for the future generations. Readers and researchers who have had previous experience of the interconnectedness of different subjects and holistic studies will find Cultural Sustainable Tourism a useful addition to their library. Decision makers and industry professionals, in each of these fields, will also find it extremely valuable allowing them to stay ahead of their competition.