Conservation of Architectural Heritage
Conservation of Architectural Heritage

  • 05, Aug / 08, Aug 2018
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Architecture has always been and continues to be, a silent witness to the passing of humanity. Through the eyes of our future children, from the cradle of civilization to the more contemporary and postmodern buildings, all attest to how mankind has grown and developed into its present form. These sites of architectural heritage and history are but one such example future generations will look towards as they attempt to discern our rationale for how we, and past generations, lived our lives. One of our heaviest burdens that we carry is the responsibility is to protect all of these sites from around the world.

Presenting several subjects of strategic importance to the conservation of the global architectural heritage this book will touch upon historic cities and cultural landscapes to some of the largest archaeological sites in the world. Conserving such a legacy is a daunting task which can be accomplished with the proper commitment, effort, and the international cooperation that this undertaking has proven possible. It will be of particular interest to researchers, scientists, manufacturers, institutions, international agencies, and societies. This book will cover how to understand the problems facing architectural heritage holistically, the further development of policies favoring its conservation, the definition of practical guidelines and the organizations that oversee training and awareness activities.