Professor  Pietro Columba was born in Palermo on 27/11/1958, graduated in Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture of Palermo on 14/01/1982, with highest honors.
On 19/06/87 he received the title of Philosophy Doctor in Agricultural Economics and Policy. He is a Full Professor in Agricultural economics and land valuation from January 4 2008 at the University of Palermo.

The scientific activity of Professor Pietro Columba has been paid to issues of business economics, both for innovative cultures (kiwi and tropical fruit) and traditional (olive, citrus, peach), the economy connected with environmental issues (use of biomass for energy, peri-urban agriculture, organic farming), agricultural policy, agri-environment (applications of the CAP at the regional level, the effects of the “accompanying measures” territorial pacts) and forestry, as well as issues related to the market (organic products, and fruit crops of citrus). Not all of the studies can be ascribed to clearly to one of the issues mentioned having issues sometimes treated in different aspects (business and market, business and agricultural policy, environmental and market, etc..)