graduates magna cum laude in architecture (1989), Ph.D. in Conservation of Architectural Heritage (1994), scholarship holder at Cybernetics Institute of the CNR (1995), associate professor (2000) of Restoration at the Faculty of Architecture of the II University of Naples (now “Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”), coordinator of the Restoration Section of the Ph.D. in Architectural and Urban Design and Architectural Restoration (2010), vicarious director of the Restoration and Construction of Architecture and Environment Department (2007-2009). He organized and directed research groups. He coordinated national scientific initiatives. He organized national meetings and workshops. He was member of the scientific council of national meetings and exhibitions. He was visiting professor at italian and european universities and international research centers. He was tutor of graduation theses in architecture and post-graduate theses in restoration at international istitutions. He is member of scientific associations and scientific committees of journals and director of book series. His researches concern theories and history of restoration, particularly regarding the protagonists and the interventions in the half of the twentieth century, the mensiocronologic characterization of the traditional constructive elements, with the related protocol of analysis of deterioration and of structural modeling and the methods and techniques of urban restoration. He is author of more than 150 scientific works in which he deepens essential features of history and theory of restoration, he created innovative methods for metrologic characterization of building after-medieval components. He had a lot of articulate experiences of micro-historical researches. Continously committed in the field of architectural and urban restoration, he drew, on assignment by public authorities and administrations, restoration projects of religious buildings, castles and walls, and preservation plans of historical centers. From 2006 he is allowed to draw security and coordination plans, and from 2007 he is allowed to draw fire plans.