Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – Regeneration & Management - 3rd Edition
Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – Regeneration & Management - 3rd Edition

Call For Papers

Organized By:

Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Benha University

Under The Patronage of:

Khaled Abdel Ghaffar
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

The Supreme Council of Antiquities

Elsayed Yossef Elkady
President of Benha University

  • 19, Feb / 21, Feb 2019
  • Aswan City, Egypt
Conference Email

CAH-2019 Conference Language

Conference Language

English or Arabic, with the with interpretation between the two languages.


On the 50th anniversary of the saving Abu Simbel Temples, we are pleased to invite scholars, researchers, professors, students and readers to The International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage: Regeneration and Management to be held in Aswan, Egypt from the 19th to the 21st of February 2019.

For centuries architecture has been a witness of some of the greatest civilizations this world has ever seen. In the form of buildings, towers, statues, and monuments, architecture has delivered historical information from one generation to another. Consequently, the conservation of architectural heritage is, in fact, the process of conserving the existence of humans themselves and their identities, culture, and traditions to future generations as a guide for their architectural endeavors.

Conserving architectural heritage is not only important on an academic or touristic basis, it also provides a sense of continuity in the fast-changing world we currently live. Heritage shapes the identity of many future generations to come and ensures that in one way or another, they will be connected to the lives, traditions, and culture of their ancestors. Conserving architecture is also an important tool in city development as it plays a vital role in generating revenues in the tourism industry.

In spite of their resilient properties, heritage buildings are subject to degradation over time which poses a threat of losing iconic touristic sites. These buildings are also often regarded as educational platforms to learn architectural techniques that were developed long before the creation of modern-day architecture. It is for that reason that conferences similar to this one are important to discuss various ways to preserve and conserve our history that is manifested in the form of buildings.

The main focus of the conference will be on the latest research in cultural heritage protection and the different technological developments and methodologies for historic sites.

The conference aims to be a platform to demonstrate the different strategies and best practices across the world for conserving and protecting the world’s architectural heritage.

The conference will include prominent keynote speakers from academia and practice to maximize opportunities for knowledge exchange.

The conference will also provide a unique opportunity for researchers, archaeologists, restorers, urban designers, and professionals to meet and share the latest advancements in the field of conserving architectural heritage within the last 50 years.


Partner Universities

Partnership in this conference is with Faculty of Engineering Shobra- Benha Univ. Certification by the university, alongside IEREK's, will be offered to our authors by the end of the conference.  
Conference Topics

  • 1. Cultural Heritage Protection
  • 2. Conservation Strategies
  • 3. Technology And Development
  • 4. Materials And Restoration
  • 5. Reuse Of Cultural Heritage
  • 6. Historic Urban Landscape
  • 7. Site Management Of The Archaeological Site
  • 8. Sustainability Of Heritage
  • 9. Historic Conservation And Economy
  • 10. Ecological Approach Of Conservation Projects
  • 11. Identity And Heritage
  • 12. International Efforts In Heritage Conservation
  • 13. Public Regulations And Heritage
  • 14. Artistic Heritage And Its Impact On Contemporary Arts.
  • 15. Visuals In Architectural Heritage
  • 16. Archeology Is Yesterday's Visual Arts.
  • 17. Visual Arts Role In Documenting Architectural Heritage.
  • 18. Contemporary Art Role In Reviving Historical Areas.
  • 19. Can Contemporary Art Make Us Re-discover The Architectural Heritage?
  • 20. The Dialogue Between Ancient And Contemporary Visuals.
Important Dates
Title Date
Abstract Submissions Deadline 31st October 2018
Last Notification for Abstract Acceptance 15th November 2018
Full Paper Submission Deadline 1st December 2018
Last Notification for Full-Paper Acceptance 1st January 2019
Early Payment Deadline 19th November 2018
Regular Payment Deadline 4th December 2018
Late Payment Deadline 19th December 2018
Letter of Visa (for delegates who need visa entry) 19th December 2018
Letter of Final Acceptance 19th December 2018
Conference Program 19th January 2019
Conference Launch 19th February 2019
Conference Venue

The International Conference on Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – Regeneration & Management - 3rd Edition will be held in Egypt's 3rd largest city and the largest in Upper Egypt, Aswan.

Aswan is the ancient city of Swenett which in antiquity was the frontier town of Ancient Egypt facing the south.

It contains significant archaeological sites like the Philae Temple, Unfinished Obelisk, Nubian Museum, and Mausoleum of Aga Khan.


Tour visits during the conference

A visit will be arranged to attend a very special event which will occur during the conference together with other special visits. These visits include the following:

1. A visit to the Temple of Abu Simbel to join the celebration of the Golden Jubilee to save the temple and to see the concrete dome used to reduce the loads in the process of saving the temple.

2. A visit to the Temple of Kom Embu and the museum of crocodiles "Sobik" to learn the story of the mummified crocodiles and the story of God "Sobik "the second worship in the temple of Abu Simbel.

3. A visit to the old and new Nubia villages and witness the story of moving the villages
which demolished during the process of building the High Dam.

Conference Fees

Important Notes:

1- The fees are not subject to waving and IEREK does not offer financial support to the applicants. Payment during the conference days is strictly prohibited.

2- Each research paper should have at least one main author who should pay the full conference fees, even if the main author is a Master’s or a Ph.D. candidate, and even if the author won’t be able to attend the conference.

3- Payment must be done in order to obtain any official document from our side such as Letter of Visa and Letter of Final Acceptance.

4- Authors who intend to participate with more than a research paper, they will automatically enjoy a 25% discount on each extra paper.

Non-Egyptian Fees:


Author Fees

Author fees for Early Payment             |    19th November 2018

USD 400
Author fees for Regular Payment         |    4th December 2018 USD 500

Author fees for Late Payment               |    19th December 2018

USD 600

Co-author Fees

Fees for Non-Attending Co-author

USD 50

Fees for Attending Co-author

USD 250

Attendance Fees

Fees for Attending (Audience, Learner, or Student)

USD 250
Extra Fees (upon request)
Additional Coneference Book (Hardcopy + CD) USD 100

Egyptian fees : (Online Payment N/A)


Author Fees

Author fees for Early Payment             |    19th November 2018

EGP 3300
Author fees for Regular Payment         |    4th December 2018 EGP 3800

Author fees for late Payment               |    19th December 2018

EGP 4800

Co-author Fees

Fees for Non-Attending Co-author

EGP 500

Fees for Attending Co-author

EGP 1500

Attendance Fees

Fees for Attending (Audience, Learner, or Student)

EGP 1500
Extra Fees (conference fees)
Additional Conference Book (Hardcopy + CD) EGP 600
Refund Policy

Please note that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa if needed, by sending an invitation letter, but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

- Delegates in any event who cancel their registration due to special circumstances for any reason will receive refunds according to the following plan and according to the number of days from the start of the event:

Cancellation Policy Up to 60 days before the event Up to 50 days before the event Up to 40 days before the event 39 days before the event
Penalty 20% 50% 70% 100%


A refund is not possible if

- An acceptance letter has been issued (Authors only)

- The proceedings of the event have been published (Authors only)

- All matters have been finalized (accommodation/travel expenses paid for)

Visa Rejection Cases

Reason and proof of rejection must be submitted. If the reason of rejection is due to an error on our part, the participant will be refunded their full fee with a deduction of a 20% administration fee.

Documents to be issued by IEREK to acquire a visa are as follows:

* Final Acceptance Letter (Authors only)

* Visa Invitation Letter

* Invoice/proof of payment

We encourage all authors and attendees to ensure their having acquired all documents (those applicable) mentioned.

If the reason of rejection is not related to any of the aforementioned and is an error on the participant’s part, the following will apply:

* Authors: may choose to let their co-author present his/her research on his/her behalf free of charge. If the author does not have a co-author, a member of the scientific committee shall present on the author’s behalf.

* Audience members/Registrants: will only be allowed to attend another similar event of their choosing that is organized by IEREK free of charge.

IEREK Press Logo, multidisciplinary publisher   Springer Logo - International Publisher Science, Technology, Medicine


- Since scientific research publication is considered the most prestigious and productive means of disseminating (spread/disperse) the results of the research, all accepted proceedings (research papers) will get published in a high-quality peer-reviewed and refereed international journals...

1- Resourceedings

By default, all accepted papers (proceedings) will be published in “Resourceedings” hosted by “SSRN by ELSEVIER”.

Resourceedings” is a journal that withholds a number of quality conference proceedings in the overarching field of Engineering and its derivatives.

Resourceedings Journal Book Cover

2- Book Series by Springer

On the other hand, high-quality manuscripts (research papers)  will be published in a book series by our esteemed publisher partner "Springer", instead of Resourceedings Journal.

Book Series By Springer


- High-Quality manuscripts selection is based on scientific committee evaluation average.

- No extra charges are applied if a paper gets selected.

- For the selected papers to be published in Book Series, an extra revision process will take place after the conference in order to improve the paper and push it to the limits.

- For the selected papers to be published by "Springer", another revision process will be added to the selected manuscripts.

- All Author participants are expected to write their manuscripts papers using the templates provided in the author's instructions tab.

- Once, and if, author's paper is selected for publication in book Series, the author will be contacted and asked to use the template of the selected journal accordingly.

Partners & Sponsors

As the saying goes,

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

Thus, IEREK would like to thank all the following esteemed partners & Sponsors for their cooperation and support which pushes this international event to the limit...


(Scientific Partner)

A global publishing company that publishes books, e-books and peer-reviewed journals in science, humanities, technical and medical (STM) publishing.



Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Benha University
(Official Partner & Organizer)

One of the largest faculties of engineering in Egypt that seeks hard to be leading faculty in fields of engineering education and scientific research at the regional and international level.


The Supreme Council of Antiquities

The Supreme Council of Antiquities
(Official Partner & Sponsor)

It was a department within the Egyptian Ministry of Culture from 1994 until January 2011, when it became an independent ministry, the Ministry of State for Antiquities (MSA).


الترا ديزين للمقاولات والاستشارات الهندسيه

Ultra Design For Engineering Contracting

Ultra Design is an effective investment in the modern concept of construction in Sudan. They are active in the construction industry with expertise, excellence, and enthusiasm.


Diwan of Architects

Diwan of Architects
(Media Partner)

Diwan of Architects is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving professional and scientific assets and international norms. It encourages the exchange of professional experiences and electronic publishing of news, articles and architectural projects through its website.


As usual, IEREK cares for delegates attending the conference and/or the workshop from outside Aswan, Egypt. Thus, IEREK has made prior arrangements with Hotel of conference venue to provide special rates for rooms/accommodation.

Accommodation For Egyptians (Single Occupation in Double Room)

Conference Accommodation Only

(3 Nights | 19 – 21 Feb 2019)

EGP 2000

Workshop Accommodation Only

(3 Nights | 22 – 24 Feb 2019)

EGP 2000

Accommodation For Foreigners (Single Occupation in Double Room)

Conference Accommodation Only

(3 Nights | 19 – 21 Feb 2019)

USD 200

Workshop Accommodation Only

(3 Nights | 22 – 24 Feb 2019)

USD 200

*Interested attendees can send us booking requests by email enclosing the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Preferred Accommodation Package
  3. Scanned Copy of Passport

Room Booking Request

Reviewing Committee

CAH Reviewing Committee consists of brilliant professors from different nations, each professor has a professional and experienced academic history in research. Our committee is dedicated towards initiating, developing and coordinating high quality international scientific research worldwide.

To view CAH Reviewing Committee List, Click Here

During the holding period of CAH-3rd edition, the following workshops will be launched: 

1- Restoration activities (Details to be announced soon)

2- Site management of the archaeological sites (Details to be announced soon)

Author's Instructions

Important Note:

IEREK has an unyielding policy regarding plagiarism. We believe that copying/taking the ideas and work of other Authors without permission and credit, is fraudulent.

The Reviewing committee and IEREK employees have the authority to reject a paper during its reviewing process, on the basis of the paper being subjected to either minor or major plagiarism.

Duplicating any content, will lead to the paper’s refusal upon the complaint of the plagiarism victim.

Authors are respectfully requested to abide by the following steps/instructions in order to participate in the CAH international conference and get the papers published...

Step 1: Abstract Submission

- Author (researcher) should submit an abstract file (full paper summary) through our online system before the abstract submission deadline.

- Submitted abstract should not exceed 300 words.

- Structure your abstract to include research background, research problem, methodology, results, and keywords.

- You should select one of the thirteen conference topics.

- Abstract file should include author's full name, email address, academic title and affiliation.

- Abstract file should include Co-authors' full name, email address, academic title and affiliation. (if exist)

- The author can use/download abstract writing template to submit the abstract file accordingly (please download from the link provided below).

Step 2: Abstract Review

- Once abstract is submitted abiding the mentioned instructions, it will be sent to undergo revision process by members of our scientific committee, the author will receive abstract feedback and next step action by email within 2 weeks maximum from abstract submission date.

- Once abstract is accepted, the author will receive abstract acceptance notification by email stating that abstract is accepting and to proceed with full paper submission.

Step 3: Full Paper Submission

- The author should submit the full-length paper written on full paper writing template, through our online system before the full paper submission deadline (please download from the link provided below).

- The full paper can be written in English or Arabic with interpretation between the two languages. 

- The full paper file shouldn't exceed 12 pages. Otherwise, extra charges will be applied accordingly (Egyptians: 50 EGP/each extra page | Non-Egyptians: 20$/each extra page).

- The full paper's total words count shouldn't be less than 3000 words. Otherwise, it can't be considered a research paper.

- The full paper must be original as we don't accept research papers with similarity rate more than 20%.

Step 4: Full Paper Elementary Review

- Once the full paper is submitted abiding the mentioned instructions, it is assigned for review by the reviewers of scientific committee in aligning with IEREK revision SOP (double-blind process).

- The author will receive full paper feedback and next step action by email within 1-month maximum from full paper submission date.

In this phase of revision, the research paper will be evaluated based on its originality, structure, and relativity to the conference theme. If the paper gets an acceptance by one reviewer, a full paper preliminary acceptance notification will be sent to author accordingly.

Step 5: Payment

- Once the full paper gets accepted, the author will be informed to pay the conference fees so that it could be sent to another 2 members of the scientific committee in order to provide the author with comments/notes that could improve the paper and push it to the limits.

- As soon as payment is confirmed and done successfully, corresponding official documents can be issued from our sides such as paper acceptance letter and VISA invitation letter.

Step 6: Full Paper Final Review

- The full paper will be sent for review by another 2 members of the scientific committee in aligning with IEREK revision SOP (double-blind process). Reviewers' comments/notes will be forwarded to the author in order to modify the full paper accordingly. then send us the final version of the paper.


To download Abstract Writing Template, Click Here

To download Full Paper Writing Template, Click Here



Presentation & Ppt Template

- For the purpose of oral presentation, the author should use the PowerPoint template that will be available for download within this section one month before the conference launch.

- Moreover, please take into consideration that presentation should not exceed 15 minutes, which is the time assigned for each research presentation.

 Eventually, the author should deliver the presentation as an attachment to conference's official email before the deadline on February 1, 2019.

Plagiarism Policy

- IEREK has an unyielding policy regarding plagiarism. We believe that copying/taking the ideas and work of other Authors without permission and credit is fraudulent.

- The Reviewing committee and IEREK employees have the authority to reject a paper during its reviewing process, on the basis of the paper being subjected to either minor or major plagiarism.

- Duplicating any content, even if it is one sentence or one table without the consent of its original Author, will lead to the paper’s refusal upon the complaint of the plagiarism victim.

Benefits Of Attending

Since conferences are the places where new science results are typically first presented so, it helps you sharpen the saw, meet experts & influencers face to face, learning in a new space, build your knowledge base, expand your resources and grow your professional network. Yet attending conferences organized by IEREK will not only helps you gain previous benefits but also can be very rewarding on the professional level due to below reasons:

1. Open Discussions: We bring together leading academic scientists to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of smart cities development. Furthermore, you get to converse with other researchers from different universities and countries. You learn from experts in the field. It is a great opportunity to find more about your field and listen to ideas that could help inspire research ideas of your own.

2. Internationally Accredited Certificate: The participants are granted internationally recognized certificates which will be added to their certificates of experience or could be presented to the official authorities concerned.

3. Publication: The conference proceedings will be published by one or more journals since authors can choose to publish their research paper either in "Resourceedings" international journal of science hosted by IEREK Press or "SSRN" by "ELSEVIER". Besides, high-quality manuscripts based on scientific committee evaluation will be published either in Environmental Sciences & Sustainable Development (ESSD) by IEREK Press or a book series by "Springer".

4. Research Technologies: Conferences also can expand your resources by providing a great opportunity to promote gathered information on new technologies related to your research. Moreover, they let you test them out, share teaching tools and techniques, or even obtain samples of textbooks.

5. Networking: Conferences help in networking which often increases your chances of collaboration in future projects. As you can engage with respectable professors and discuss with them the very latest research projects they could be working on.

6. Academic Reputation: Attending many conferences will make you a known figure in academic circles, not to mention the benefits for your C.V as it will create an impression that you are an active member of the academic community.

7. Conference Proceedings Material: Delegates will have the choice of receiving the conference proceedings as either a hardcover book or in digital format on a CD. The CD will additionally contain proceedings from previous conferences in this series.

8. Venue: Getting an overview of the place or city where the conference is being held and learning about its people and culture.

Moreover, all conference papers are archived online in the E-Library of IEREK‘s website where they are immediately and permanently available to the international scientific community.

Visa Application

- For participants who need Entry Visas to the country where the conference will be held, IEREK will issue the corresponding invitation letter for accepted applicants to facilitate visa issuance.

- Please notice that we will endeavor to assist you in obtaining a visa but the responsibility is yours and the decision rests solely with the appropriate Embassy.

Invitation Letter Issuance Process

1- In case the participant is an author who has submitted a research paper to the conference, it must get accepted by Scientific Committee

2- Required participation fees must be paid

3- The participant should send the following information to the conference's official email

* A clear copy of passport

* Passport number

* Full name as written in your passport.

* Date of Issuing and Expiration

* Date of Birth

* Email address of the nearest Egyptian Embassy/Consulate to you

* Phone Number including country code

4- Conference coordinator will issue the needful invitation letter and send a copy to the participant's email, in addition to another one to the corresponding embassy/consulate

5- The participant should print out the invitation letter along with all other required documents by the embassy/consulate and apply for VISA

Conference Program

Conference Program includes all needful details about conference's events and its timings such as registration, keynote speakers' presentations, parallel sessions (researchers' presentations), coffee & lunch breaks and entertainment program.

The conference program will be released within this section one month before conference launch.