Maurizio obtained his Ph.D. on 07/2010 in the field of “Improvement and Rehabilitation of Settlements” with major subject “Conservation of Architectural Heritage built with coral stone. Knowledge, restoration and use” from University of Rome Sapienza.

Due to his strong experience in restoration, he worked with UNESCO as Safeguard of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo with many responsibilities as Project manager and Planner of the restoration works of a “kulla” albanian-house (in Decani – Kosovo) and restoration of the Defterdar Mosque (in Peje/Pec – Kosovo); Project manager on the digital mapping of the frescoes of the Monastery Serbian-church of Decani (in Decani – Kosovo) and on the digital survey/monitoring of the frescoes at the Patriarchate (in Peje/ Pec – Kosovo) – these two last works are designed and executed by the Central Institute for the Restoration in Rome – ICR.