MA Architecture and Urbanism
MA Architecture and Urbanism

  • 30, Oct / 25, Dec 2019
  • London, UK
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Course Summary

Whether you want to expand your field of expertise, or deepen it, this unique one-year course will enrich your knowledge and enhance your career in the fields of Advanced Architectural, Urban Design and Digital Fabrication. The course is aimed at architecture graduates wishing to specialize in advanced digital design processes, and at those within the ‘built environment’ – such as planners, psychologists, quantity surveyors or designers

Along the course Advanced Architectural Design, Parametric Urban Design, Digital Manufacturing will be developed across the year following a common digital platform which simulates the state of the art of design processes in contemporary architectural practices. The goal is experimenting new possibilities for architectural spaces and cities connecting the design to advanced fabrication techniques and sustainable strategies in order to generate a research leading to a secure impact in the industry.

Program Outline

We will teach you how to:

• Enhance your ability to grasp complex design ideas and to engage in creative and experimental processes.

• Develop an in-depth understanding of the contemporary discourse on Architectural Design.

• Engage in advanced design abilities.

• Represent and communicate ideas.

• Develop a professional ethos and attitude.

• Contextualise design; develop the ability to understand the links between design and other cultural and everyday phenomena.

What you will do. The content of this programme is delivered through seminars, lectures and studio sessions. The programme is also enriched by specialised workshops, site visits, field trips, lectures and reviews by guest designers and academics. Knowledge is developed through: Seminars, lectures and guided workshops; Knowledge-based activities with feedback; Studio-based discussions and activities. Thinking skills are developed through: Reflective activities with feedback. Practical skills are developed through: Studio discussions, hands-on workshops and activities; Research skills-based activities with feedback. Skills for life and work are developed through: Planning activities with feedback; Project work.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are subject to annual change. Fees for future years will be published in due course.


Architecture and Practice

Theory 1

Digital Architecture and Urban Design : Principles

Theory 2

Digital Architecture and Urban Design: Advanced Techniques and Computation


Digital Manufacturing


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