Urban Complexity Of Heritage Areas
Urban Complexity Of Heritage Areas

IEREK Workshop

  • 16, Feb / 20, Feb 2015
  • Cairo, Egypt
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By working collaboratively in practice and by discussing the different strategies for handling the challenges of the development of “El DARB EL AHMAR” district, we reached a new insights that enriched the experiences of all participants

Reaching the workshop goal was to study the urban complexity of the chosen area in order to develop and maintain the historical value and heritage life of “EL KHALIFA” district including the improvement of people life was a success.

This happened by producing a detailed guideline and strategic plan for the selected area with a new vision for urban design that do consider the social, human and cultural aspects of the selected area. Knowing how to act and design a multi layering complicated layers of urbanism design in heritage areas was the general target of this workshop that has been achieved.


This workshop main target was to replace the valuable lost monuments with replicas in order to sustain its architectural and historic importance. Cairo is considered one of the oldest cities encompassing remnants of historical districts that have been built centuries ago; nevertheless it has been suffering lack of identity and character, in addition to the arising gap between where we live and the less fortunate inhabitants of informal areas.

This workshop highlighted designated zones of “Darb El- Ahmar / Al Hattaba” district and studied reasons behind the disastrous conditions without ignoring the inhabitants’ needs and traditions while making the best we can of our potentials and our rich cultural deteriorating heritage.