SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS titled: PG | Pocket Gardens. Ephemeral Regeneration of super-blocks in Tirana
SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS titled: PG | Pocket Gardens. Ephemeral Regeneration of super-blocks in Tirana

  • 02, Sep / 12, Sep 2019
  • Albania
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The Department of Architecture at Epoka University, supported by “Design al Centro” (international network for integrated and multi-scale designing) with a list of international scientific partners, is pleased to launch the:

IV edition of SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS titled:

PG | Pocket Gardens. Ephemeral Regeneration of super-blocks in Tirana

It is a full-time experience of learning, researching and designing that provides participants an opportunity to reflect on the multi-scale urban regeneration of the informal fabric in the capital city Tirana, considering “informality” as a possible added value in both the development and the transformation of the real city, through:

The practice of Urban Planning and Space Design, of Architectural Design and Technology, of Design for Public Spaces and Facilities;

The application of the next theories and models of micro/small interventions for the shared urban spaces regeneration;

The on-field experience and citizens’ involvement through the socio-cultural animation of the area and the erection of micro/small outdoors installations.

Key Topics

The 2019 International Summer School’s key topics will be:

Space Design & Urban Planning Architectural Design

Participated Designing

Landscape Design

Green-Blue Infrastructure

Landscape Infrastructure

Nature Based Solutions for Urban Challenges

Resilient Cities

Multi-Scalar Approach

Social and Generational Cohesion

Art Hybridisations

Next Technology Opportunities

Public Space & Facility Design

Social Streets Invasion

Historical Heritage Enhancement

Alternative Mobility Scenarios

Urban Metabolism

Environmental Design & Adaptation to Climate Change

Economic feasibility and sustainability

Enhancement of tangible and intangible identity heritage

Management plans and models

Parametric landscapes


The SpaRe.Life | IWS is self-financing. 

Therefore, the regular fee for participants is set in € 550.00, according with the budget needs.

As usual, the participants coming from the host institution or from other University in Albania have a reduced fee set in € 100.00.

Is established a gratuitousness for one supervisor (including airfare and accommodation) every 10 enrolled participants coming from the same institution. In case of additional accompanying persons from the same Institution, the fee is set at € 350.00 and includes accommodation.

The fee includes all the necessary costs to support the activities of the workshop (lectures, materials, tutoring, field trips, etc.) it also includes the expenses of accommodation, food and local transportations for participants coming from outside. The fee does not include travels expenses.

The fee must be paid in Euro and after the acceptance confirmation from the Didactic Committee of the School.

The accepted participant, whom receives the confirmation by email, must pay no later than 19/06/2019 according with the payment request and the modality that will be communicate later.


The SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS aims to promote a multi-disciplinary and multi-scalar approach, in an international comparison, to encourage the development of additional and innovative skills of the Department’s educational curricula. It becomes an opportunity that may provide insight and alternative scenarios for the enhancement of marginal urban areas in helping to promote and to redesign new opportunities, features, and ways of living in the micro/small urban spaces.

Participation is open to all university students, PhD students and young professionals, with no limitation of age, nationality and scientific field of interest.

The SpaRe.Life 2019 | IWS has three overall objectives to pursue through the program of activities:

The implementation of the opportunities for scientific and applied research thanks to the trans-disciplinary approach proposed by the school and to the comparison between scholars from nearby but different geographical areas.

The experimentation of new scenarios and forms of ephemeral, low-cost regeneration in the themes that are at the basis of an "action-training" designing.

The animation of concrete forms of active participation of the concerned community, crucial to manage the transition in full consciousness toward models of alternative and sustainable urban transformation

Practical information:

Official and work language

Official language is English (for meetings, lectures, exhibitions, exams, etc.)

Place of activities:

Department of Architecture at Epoka University, A-Building, Rruga Tirana-Rinas Km.12, Tirana (Albania)


2019 September 2-12 (total days: 11

Number of participants:

Min. 20 - Max. 60.

The Scientific Committee may establish possible derogations from the maximum number of participants, if it deems appropriate.

Total number of hours and Formative Credits (ECTS):

Total 88 hours (8 hours/day: 90:00 am - 5:00 pm).

The organizers will provide a detailed certificate in order to obtain the recognition of Credits (ECTS) by their own universities.

Note: Considering the design aims of the planned activities during the workshop, participants are strictly advised to bring his own laptop. The School itself will provide the Internet connection.