Zeila Tesoriere is an associate professor with tenure at the University of Palermo (UniPA), a member of LIAT _ Laboratoire de Recherche Infrastructure, Architecture, Territoire with a location at the Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris Malaquais. She also directs the InFRA Lab, a research unit at UniPA, focused on the relationships between architecture and infrastructure in contemporary design problems. She has published internationally, notably with recent papers in relevant journals and books chapters in France, the USA, Portugal, Italy. She regularly publishes in “Trasporti & Cultura”, an academic journal on infrastructural, landscape and architectural studies, the scientific committee of which she integrates since 2014. whose scientific committee she integrates since 2014.

Currently, the ongoing research explores the ability for infrastructures to expand the field of architectural design, both in theory and practice, within a framework marked by energy transition, sustainability issues, deindustrialization, counter-urbanization. Within the mains case studies, stands the elaboration of a general model for the re-cycle and transformation of the areas surrounding Palermo ring-road, a city within the city.

Tesoriere obtained his Ph.D. in 2004 at the University Paris8 and at the University of Palermo, after achieving an international co-tutelle thesis. Prior than in Palermo, she has taught at ENSAP Malaquais and ENSAP Val de Seine.