Tullio Giuffrè is Associate Professor of Road, Railways and Airport since 2014 at the
Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the Kore Enna University.
More than five years of academic and consulting activities within infrastructures sectors
including traffic analysis, road safety analysis, road and airport design, infrastructures
pavement management. He achieved high skills and expertise in urban infrastructures
planning both from design and operations point of view.
At the present he is teacher of Road, Railways and Airport Design and Construction at the
course of Civil Engineering Master degree and at Architectural Master degree.

Tullio Giuffrè is a member of:
– Italian Society of Transport Infrastructures since 2003;
– Italian Professional Engineer register since 2002;
– Board of Road and Airport Research Interuniversity Italian Association from 2009;
– Board of PhD in Design of Mobility System since 2009;
– Board of PhD in Aeronautical Technologies and Infrastructures since 2009.
– Italian Society for Transportation Policy since 2014.