Roberto Carlos Pinto dos Reis completed his PhD in Tourism, Leisure and Culture in 2018 from the Coimbra University, at the Faculdade de Letras.
He has DEA – Diploma in Advanced Studies in Tourism, Leisure and Culture – 120 ECT, under the Ph.D. in the same field. from Coimbra University.
Attended the Masters in History and Heritage – Faculty of Arts of the University of Oporto (curricular component) at 2007.
He has a Degree in History, completed in 1997 by the University of Oporto. He is an Invited Associate Professor at the Maia University Institute.
He  is a Senior History Technician at the Santa Maria da Feira City Council with Main activities and responsibilities in Cultural Projects; Cultural Outings for the senior population); Support Office for the Emigrant Communities; Local Support Centre for Immigrant Integration, Issuing of Certificates for European Union Citizens; Responsible for Organizing the 2008 Vale do Vouga Centennial; Director of the 2009 Bicentenary Celebration of the French Invasions of Arrifana; Responsible for Organizing the 2010 Historical Re-enactment of the Centenary Celebration of the Republic and with responsibilities on Medieval Journey of Santa Maria da Feira; Member of the Observatory of Migrations.
He published a lot of articles in a lot of specialized magazines, 3 book chapters, and 9 books with different items of technical production.
He works in the areas of Social Sciences and Educational Sciences with an interest in the areas of Culture; Seaport Studies; Identity Construction; Regional Development Heritage, Historical R-enactments, Events, Festivals, Tourism, History and Education and in issues related to attachment to the place and the experience of the destination brand. He is currently a professor at the Instituto Superior da Maia (ISMAI).

He is a Researcher at CEGOT - Centre of Studies on Geography and Spatial Planning (CEGOT), University of Coimbra