Mona Helmy is an associate professor of architecture and urban design. Currently, she is the chair of the architecture department at the University of Business and Technology (UBT) , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She received a Doctoral degree in Architecture and City Planning from Stuttgart University. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Design and a Bachelor of Architecture.

Since 2010, she is a research fellow at the Städtebau-Institut “SI” of the University of Stuttgart. The current research studies of Dr. Helmy focus on “Creative Public Space”, “City Imaging and Branding” as well as “City Festivalization and Eventification”.

As a consultant and advisor in urban design, city branding, and contemporary Arab Gulf urbanism, she has participated in a number of significant planning projects and design studies. She has contributed to a number of publications and conference proceedings on the Arab City, Public Spaces, as well as Residential projects in Germany and urban projects in the Middle East. She is a member of several scientific committees in international conferences, symposia, and refereed journals.