• Chairman and Partner at Center of Planning and Architectural Studies. (2000-present)
  • Head of Urban Planning Department – Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University
  • Professor at Urban Planning Department, Faculty of Engineering, Ain-Shams University. (2009-present)
  • Architectural Consultant of Ain Shams University Hospitals (2006)
  • General Consultant of Al Zohour Club (2006)
  • Lecturer at Environmental Research & Studies Institute (2001)
  • Urban Design and Planning Consultant (2001)
  • General Consultant of Ministry of Interior (2001)
  • Consultant of General Organization of Physical Planning (2001)
  • Consultant of His Excellency President of the Islamic Cities and Capitals Organization (2000)

Editor-in-chief of “Alam Al-Bena’a” Magazine.(1997-1999)