He is currently full professor of Enzymatic Technology  for  Food Industry and Oenology  at the Department  of Agriculture and Forestry Science, Tuscia University (Viterbo, Italy). His  main  research  activities  are  devoted  to  [i]  Innovative  application  of  enzymes  in  agro-food  processing industry,  namely  immobilized  enzymes,  carriers  from  biopolymers,  novel  cross-linkers,  and  bioreactors;  [ii] Sustainable  approaches  to  the  production  of  quality  still  and  sparkling  wines;  [iii]  Phenolic  compounds, particularly pigments, their reactions and influence on the quality during processing and storage of wine, virgin olive oils and fruit juice.  He  coauthored  130  research  articles  in  international  scientific  journals,  numerous  technical  articles,  and  1 European patent.