Halil Erhan received his B.Arch degree from METU in Turkey. During his Masters study at Clemson University, he investigated 3D model integration of building design information. As a result of this study, he became interested in Design Computation. He pursued this interest in his PhD study at Carnegie Mellon University. His thesis investigates design requirements specification and presents RaBBiT as a software application to support requirements modeling and generation. He is currently an assistant professor of interactive systems and design at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at SFU. Prior to this, he was a faculty member of Software Engineering at UAE University (2004-2006). He is co-directing the Computational Design Lab at SIAT. His research program investigates ‘design’ as a situated, cognitive, and collaborative process, and aims at improving ‘design’ by augmenting the capabilities of designers with effective and engaging tools mainly for ‘creating’ built-environments, interactive objects, and systems.