The resilience of citizens has always the concern of Fred Sanders. It was his motivation to become a Civil Engineer in coastal engineering at Delft University of Technology in 1983; and to add his MBA at Erasmus University Rotterdam to his academic track-record for making more impact in working life. After twenty years being a professional in Real-Estate City development; he started-up his PhD at the age of fifty to do research on citizen bottom-up participation in making cities sustainable and resilient; by which he became Dr. in Urbanism in 2014. Recent years he visited several countries as an ambassador of the Urbanism Delft department; to create productive connections for new research to share his contribution to a greener earth with others. His contribution is part-time because of his responsibilities in the councils of his local Water-authority and municipality; and being in supervisory boards of sustainable oriented organisations and firms. Fred Sanders is a self-made professional and researcher; thanks to the support and stimuli of others.