Dr Francesco Alberti is Associate Professor of Urban Planning and design at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence, where he is currently the coordinator of the Laboratory of Urban Design for the master's degree course in Urban and Regional Planning and in charge with the teachings of Urban Design for the Laboratory of Green Systems Planning for the master's degree course in Landscape Architecture and of Smart City Planning for the postgraduate programme “ABITA” (Bioecological Architecture and Technological Innovation for the Environment). In the same department, he is the scientific coordinator of the research unit "SUP&R" (Sustainable Urban Projects & Research) and of the related university spin-off "Urban LIFE” (Urban Liveability & Innovation for Everyone).

As a member of the Italian National Institute of Urban Planning (INU - Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica) he joined the National Commetees “Networks, Infrastructure and Innovation Policies” (2014-2016) and “Urban Accessibility for Everyone” (2016-). Since 2106 he is the President of the Regional division of INU in Tuscany.

His scientific interests in the fields of spatial planning and urban design refer to an approach aimed at giving cultural coherence and operational continuity among research, education and public policies concerning city and territory, with a special focus on two main areas:
- the relationship between urban planning, design and management in the perspective of sustainability and urban resilience;
- the interpretation of mobility systems as "public spaces", playing a major role in structuring contemporary cities.
On these topics he has written many essays, articles and books, joined national and international conferences, lectured in postgraduate programmes and master courses for professionals and public administrators, provided expert help in participatory processes, coordinated seminars and conducted researches on behalf of public institutions and private enterprises.