A humble and highly educated person, who is always willing to learn more and give in return. Being brought up in a house full of design and the beauty of art and craft has added another dimension in my sight of seeing things and dealing with them. It was a house with two designers, goldsmith, my father and my uncle, who created new designs and drew ornamentations on gold. I grew up in Makkah with its mountain surrounding and multicultural heritage. I am passionate about craft and design, in which it reflects later on in my background between architecture and design in my study. This multidisciplinary enriches my perspective and broaden my vision in dealing with the daily routine even at work. I am a reliable person and I have taken responsibility from an early stage, as I am the eldest in the family. Through education, as a teacher I help students explore and develop values and knowledge that contribute to the betterment of society as well as self-affirmation. I tend to be flexible and dynamic in my teaching to keep students motivated and excited about their learning processes. My teaching style involves professional workshops, sharing experiences with peers, and most importantly, by observing and listening to students. I enjoy learning myself, and I am passionate about education. Research and researching is my ultimate joy through academia. I also make a great effort in raising awareness among the current generation of local culture and heritage and teach how to document tangible and intangible heritage. When it comes to administration, I tend to be an academic, a researcher and a leader who inspire and fit within the team professionally. I worked as a Deputy Dean in a new established college. Besides, teaching I was given the responsibility to hire and recruit staff nationally and internationally. The recent visits of the universities of some countries in my sabbatical year enrich my thoughts and add a lot when it comes to culturalism and the openness to the others. I am a certified mentor and I can lead a team and inspire the members to meet goals. Working under stress did not create a healthy environment, however, I managed to achieve the best. Simply because; I love challenges and I can focus on goals with a great sense of time management. As my name in Arabic means “unique“, I believe I can add a new dimension to any working environment.