Associate professor in La Rochelle University since 2006, Emmanuel Bozonnet conducts his research in building physics and teaches in the civil engineering department. Specialized in building energy (agrégation teaching qualification in 2000), he studied building interactions with urban microclimate during his PhD (2005) and afterward, from urban canyon to district scale. This modeling work has been corroborated by various scale experiments from the building envelope component to the development of a reduced scale mockup for urban canyons and in situ buildings. These studies focus on the development of cooling strategies for the mitigation of building energy demand and urban heat islands. He investigated urban and building surface modifications (cool or green coating) through his involvements in various national and European research projects. His research on building energy performance includes also the question of building information modeling and interoperability to develop new design tools and methodologies including cosimulation and building envelope optimization.

Involved in various scientific conference committees and project management, he participates also to the board of IBPSA France (International Building Performance Simulation Association) and the board of the ECRC (European Cool Roof Council). He is also co-leader of the group on urban microclimate and energy in the research federation IRSTV (Institute for Research on Urban Sciences and Techniques, France).