Assistant professor in Taranto at the Faculty of Engineering of the Technical University of Bari, for the scientific-disciplinary sector ICAR06 Topography and Cartography and Researcher at Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Main teaching load:

The topographic Geomatics for the Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty of Taranto.

She was born in Bari on April 28th 1973.She graduated in Law on April 7 1997 with 110/110 and praise, praise of the committee and call for continue her studies.

Dr. Constantino discussed the thesis in Private Law, with Title: “Public and private in the regulation of voluntary associations.”

In 1998 she won the competition as an officer in the Guard Finance. Praised June 5, 1999 to have solved “with a strong motivation, deep expertise, spirit of sacrifice and commendable enthusiasm, and many complex issues of offices, providing their superiors unconditional cooperation, fair, balanced and productive.”