Master of science, Building Engineering-Architecture

PhD candidate in Energy and Sustainable Development



  • September 2007 – February 2014

University of Perugia, Italy, Department of Building and Environmental Engineering

Master degree in Building Engineering and Architecture, with the grade 110/110 e lode

  • September 2012 – March 2013

Graz University of Technology, Austria, Institute for Architecture and Landscape

Erasmus undergraduate internship

Master thesis

“Thermal-energy analysis of Cool-Green Roofs for historical buildings in the city center of Perugia:

Experimental analysis and dynamic simulation modeling”

The purpose of this thesis was to analyze an innovative type of green roof, named Cool-Green Roof, combining the features of both green and cool roofs. In fact, it is characterized by a specific vegetative layer able to optimize the quote of short-wave radiation reflected by the selected vegetation. The developed solution was studied when applied in a case study building represented by a multifamily XVI century building in central Italy, characterized by cement based roof ceiling needing to be retrofitted. Both in-lab and in-field experimental analyses were carried out for evaluating the building thermal-physics and the solar reflectance and thermal emittance of the selected plant compared to other flat roof materials and greeneries. Additionally, the year-round performance of Cool-Green Roof was assessed through calibrated and validated dynamic thermal-energy simulation.

Supervisors: Prof. Franco Cotana

Dr. Anna Laura Pisello

Research Experience

  • September 2016– Present (expected 4 months)

Visiting scholar at GREA – Innovació Concurrent, University of Lleida, Spain

Supervisor: Prof. Luisa F. Cabeza

  • November 2014– Present (expected 3 years)

PhD candidate in Energy and Sustainable Development at CIRIAF – Inter-university Research Centre, University of Perugia, Italy

Supervisor: Prof. Franco Cotana

  • May 2014– October 2014

Post-graduate fellowship for conducting research activities on building thermal-energy dynamic simulation, building energy efficiency and energy efficiency optimization, building envelope and new materials, building performance monitoring, environmental sustainability, global warming mitigation through buildings’ improvement strategies at CIRIAF – Inter-university Research Centre, University of Perugia, Italy