Amine Turki is a graduate architect from the National School of Architecture and Urban Design of Tunis in 2000 after obtaining the certificate of graduate studies in Architecture from the same school in 1998. He held the position of Secretary General of the Order of Architects of Tunisia from 2005 until 2010 and Vice President 2010‐2011. He is currently Secretary General of the Africa Union of Architects for the period 2015‐2018. He also holds the position of Secretary General of the Tunisian Union of Liberal Professions (2013‐2017) of which he is a founder. Mr. Turki is a project nominator for the Agha Khan Award for Architecture for its 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th cycles. He also served as project evaluator for the award.
In his professional career, Mr. Turki is a co‐manager of AWA Partners, one of the largest architecture firms in Tunisia working on the development of mega touristic and urban development projects in Tunisia and abroad, architectural projects at various scales as well as
interior design projects.

Mr. Turki served as a member of several diploma juries at the National School of Architecture and Urban Design of Tunis especially as a representative of the Order of Architects of Tunisia as well as several juries of Architectural competitions.