Ph.D. Department of Civic Design, Faculty of Social and Environmental
Studies, Liverpool University, UK, 1985. A thesis entitled ” The poor in
search for shelter: an examination of squatter settlements in Alexandria,

2012 up to now Emeritus professor in Architecture at Architecture
Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

During more than thirty years of professional practice, Professor Soliman has undertaken
consultancy, research, training and teaching assignments in Egypt, Lebanon, Britain and Algeria. He
established a consultant office in early 1980’s under the name of Architectural and Planning
Studies Center, located in Tanta city, to practice architecture and planning carrier. He has also
written, edited or contributed to many publications and participated in international and national
conferences and workshops. He is specialist in urban housing, urban development, urban design,
and architecture design. He has supervised, designed several premises in Egypt. He had worked for
international agencies and organization in Britain and Peru. He is an external associate adviser to the
Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban communities in Egypt. He also is specialist in GIS
(Geographic Information System) as he carried out several planning projects using GIS tools. Prof.
Soliman is the author of A Possible way out: formalizing housing informality in Egyptian cities,
University Press of America, 2004.