Adolf Sotoca

Adolf Sotoca is Professor Serra Hunter of the Urbanism Department at the School of Architecture at UPC_BarcelonaTECH. His commitment to teaching covers different types of courses and a diverse thematic scope:

  • Theory courses and Architecture & Urban Design Studios.
  • Diverse disciplinary fields: Architecture, Urban Design and Theory of the City.
  • Several Programs, from Bachelor to Master and PhD levels.

He has frequently been a coordinator and responsible for these courses. He has enriched contents with his own research background, establishing a permanent transfer between research and teaching. Prof. Adolf Sotoca is currently Visiting Professor at the Cracow University of Technololgy (Poland) and at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (Ecuador). He was also Visiting Associate Professor for the AY 2013-14 at the School of Architecture of the University of Illinois at U-C where taught Design Studio in Urbanism and Preservation and was at work in close relationship with the City of Chicago and is researching and teaching theory and history of American urbanism.

Since 2008 students have repeatedly evaluated him with a ranking over 4,3/5 (mean for Architecture courses in UPC = 3,6). He has been the highest rated professor of Urbanism Department at UPC_BarcelonaTECH for the Academic Years 2011, 2013 and 2015. Students at the University of Illinois rated him as 4,8/5 in 2014. Adolf Sotoca has partaken in several programs of the most relevant architecture education institutions in Europe: IUAV (Venezia), Berlage Institute (Rotterdam), PoliMI (Milan), ETHZ (Zurich), UAUIM (Bucharest) and TUD (Darmstadt). The European Union-University Secretariat appointed him as Exchange Professor at Cracow University of Technology for the AY 2011-12 (European Architecture Education Excellence Program).

His teaching activity has been acknowledged in several occasions. In 2010 his task as Master Thesis advisor was awarded with the “T&R City Award”, issued by the Regional Government of Catalonia. In September of 2012, he received the “Honorable Mention for Teaching Quality”, granted by the UPC_BarcelonaTECH and the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia. In 2014 the students at the University of Illinois at U-C ranked him as Excellent Professor (published at “Daily Illini” on March 19.)

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